Friday, December 2, 2011

Three Months

Sunshine said the other day, "It's like she's always been here!"

Three months old is a such a sweet spot in babyhood. This little one is more alert and engaging. She smiles all the time now, not just occasionally. I feel more confident in my ability to interpret her cues and cries and she is starting to fall into some predictable patterns when it comes to sleeping which makes the day run a tiny bit smoother. Also, as you can see, my big kids are becoming more comfortable with holding her and carrying her around which helps give my aching back and shoulders a break. Shortcake even entertained her the other day for a whole 30 minutes while I took care of some necessary online banking. 

Cupcake is growing so fast! She has a tooth that is popping in and out of her gum line. It will probably take a few weeks to break all the way through but it's still causing her some fussiness and tons of drool. My kids are usually early for everything... teething, crawling, walking, weaning. She is following BigBoy's pattern with the teeth. By the time he turned four months old, he had two bottom teeth fully grown in. He didn't grow any more teeth until he was between 8 or 9 months old. When he started losing teeth, those two were the first to go and then he didn't lose any others for quite some time. 

She doesn't like to lay back and relax. She does crunches and grunts until we pull her up into a sitting position. She wants to sit up and take a look at the world! She also tries so hard to talk to us by imitating the sounds we make. She's already made sounds that sound like "wow", "hey", and "I love you". It's so funny to see her purse her lips or play with her tongue trying to talk to us. "Un-goo" is her favorite word. We're not sure what it means yet, but we hear her say it a lot in a soft, sweet voice that just melts us!


  1. Oh, she is SO cute - all of us adore posts where you have miss cupacke pictures in them. :)

  2. I could just eat her up. Not sure which of your daughters is more content in that picture, both perfectly content I suppose. pattern to sleep, daily rhythm...these are things I know nothing about right now. in a few more weeks maybe.

  3. Oh! Look at her!! She is growing so fast and is just as cute as ever! And what a precious picture of her with her big sister. I love it!

  4. Oh, those cheeks! She looks like Sunshine and her daddy. Just adorable.

  5. Beautiful. So true three months is such a sweet spot.


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