Monday, January 23, 2012

A Birthday in Review

The Professor had a great day yesterday even though it was decidedly more low key than years past. We can do simple. As I mentioned, he didn't want a themed party but Sean and I still wanted to decorate something special for him, so we pulled out of the party box anything that reminded him of one of his past birthdays. A Lord of The Rings banner, Lego minifigs, a Cars tablecloth that had gone unused, a NASCAR Racers display and the Ranger's Apprentice centerpiece I made for him. (Yes, I have an under-the-bed sized party box of past decorations that I save, but I try to limit it to only those things that will store flat.)

He was surprised. I think I've been inspired to put together a little book for him of his birthday celebrations, I just need to scan in the non-digital pictures.

He received some fun presents from us and relatives. He absolutely loved Civilization IV ( for Mac)! Sean teased him that his Homeschool Heartthrob quotient increased by a factor of ten when he celebrated loudly, "Yes! I got a Christian Missionary!! Whoo hoo!"
His other big surprise... a calendar featuring the fabulous artwork of Mr. Dan Phelps at LEGO a Day!

He also was surprised by and ultimately loved this LEGO® Architecture Brandenburg Gate. Something he was reading inspired a conversation not long ago about the Brandenburg Gate and we spent some time looking at the pictures I took when I was in Berlin. He thought it was cool that I had been right there at this foreign place he had just read about. 
The Brandenburg Gate
Me and some fellow travelers... technically, across the street from the Brandenburg Gate, I think.

And when he finally cracked into the set, he said it was the coolest set he'd ever put together! High praise indeed!
Minifigure Me
The dessert? Eh. It was OK. It tasted good, but the edges really stuck and it didn't come out of the springform pan I baked it in very easily so it wasn't really that pretty. Like he cared! I know, but I did. Here are some pictures proving that it's all in the perspective...
Not too bad edge...


  1. One of my boys got the Brandenburg Gate as well for Christmas (what? it's a real place?. And all my boys love Civ IV (for PC).

  2. It looks like a perfect bday celebration. What a great way to walk down birthday memory lane! We were just looking at those architecture sets at the Lego store- we were thinking of getting the White House as it is an election year.

    1. Oooh! That's a really good reason to get the White House. Then I can call it an educational expense!

    2. Rascal received the White House for Christmas (I counted it as an educational expense since we are studying American History!) and he said it has been his favorite to assemble, though he hasn't worked with nearly as many legos as The Professor.

  3. Wow! Blast from the past picture indeed. You make me want to get out my Rome album, Charlotte.

    What a happy birthday party.

  4. Wow, what a fun idea for a teen!!

    Happy birthday and God bless the Professor

    Fun to see your old picture, how fun for your kids!

    PS I got your gift Friday and it brought tears to my eyes, when I saw the duckies!!! How very special it is, because of so many reasons, it reminds me of cupcake and the contest and you and your girls and just so much!! Thank you so very much---not sure when those thank you's will be done, might be a while!!!
    SO please know it is a treasure!!

    1. I'm so glad you like it! I hope it keeps him snuggly warm!

  5. Looks like a wonderful day! Happy belated birthday to him! (and the dessert looks delicious)

  6. Thought of you earlier today, or I should say Cupcake, when I was at Hobby Lobby (trying to walk myself into labor early) and not once, but twice I saw the cutest cupcake plates, platters, plastic dishes, cups, etc and thought of your little cupcake and your birthday themes. I know her birthday is far away (not anything you want to think of soon), but couldn't help but thinking of her and what her theme will be :)

  7. You always do the best birthday stuff! Great idea to revisit past themes :)

  8. Charlotte, what a great day for the Professor! Some times those 'fly by the seat of your pants' parties are the best. I too, have a party box stuffed in a closet. And the dessert looked yummie! (PS - I really liked the Cars table clothe. :)

  9. I love the Minifigure You and all the pictures. I also love the idea of a Birthday in Review and making a photo book of old birthdays. Such great ideas!!


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