Sunday, January 22, 2012


Prior to Cupcake's arrival, he was our littlest baby.

And now he's the biggest...
Biggest appetite, biggest feet (taller than all of us including his dad), and my biggest helper!

Somedays, I wish I could turn you back into that cute little boy with the cock-eyed smile who loved to sit on my lap and say "Read it again!" but then I wouldn't have you here... you who I trust, who I depend on, and who still loves to read everything again and again and again.

You are an amazing young man. 
Happy Birthday, Professor! 

For anyone wondering, he decided that he wasn't really interested in a theme this year. (Sniff sniff.) He  went to the LEGO store yesterday, is going to get a birthday blessing today, wants to eat ribs for dinner and finish the day off with a Pecan Pie Cake. I'll let you know how that turns out!


  1. Such a handsome young guy! I am wondering if he can't slow down until Faith catches up! Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday to you young man! May he have a blessed day and a year filled with abundant graces :)


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