Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Communion Cake Link-up

Over at Catholic Cuisine! There is also a Baptism Cake Link-up. Won't you join us?

I am posting these old pictures from The Professor's First Holy Communion and Sunshine's too so that I can join Jessica's link-up. The Professor received his First Holy Communion back before I started blogging and Sunshine's cake is buried deep in a post somewhere. If I find it later, I'll link to it.

The Professor knew he wanted a chocolate chocolate cake! 
He even drew out the little design in the middle to show me exactly what he wanted.
This is a Costco cake. I had them leave the center empty so that I could transfer his design to it myself. I thought there should have been some writing but he was pretty adamant he wanted it plain. When he was younger, he sometimes had trouble making decisions. Since he was so certain about what he wanted, I gladly set aside my personal tastes and preferences to honor his.

Sunshine's First Holy Communion happened the day after the Back-to-Back Birthday Extravaganza for that year. I remember being very tired! Here's that post I was looking for. This cake came from our local Tom Thumb bakery. I picked it out for her since she didn't have any preference other than "pink". She loved it. It came with the little girl figurine you see on the left but I asked them not to put it on the cake.

(I have no picture of Shortcake's cake because her cake was a group cake celebrating her older siblings' and cousins' Confirmation. She did get a nice dinner out with her godparents and a special dessert.)


  1. beautiful cakes for blessed occasions.

    i love that your son designed his own cake.

    the rose cross is absolutely lovely.

  2. Oohhh! I love the cakes!! And I love that The Professor drew the design for his, how special! Thank you for posting the pictures to share!


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