Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinning It Down {2}: Ribbon Organization

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I hadn't planned on participating every week in Sarah and Pam's link-up, just a few here and there when I could manage it, but it has been so motivationally inspiring that I just couldn't help myself. Plus this was an easy one (and I actually accomplished it a few weeks ago...shhhhh!).

I was excited by so many common sense ideas in this post that I pinned the whole thing and will probably come back to it multiple times. The wrapping paper on the ceiling idea got me thinking and looking for clever ways to store my ribbon rolls which led me to this post which got me so fired up that I jumped up to go do it without pinning it first (so I did that just now). Tee hee!

Well, combining the two ideas, here is my Pinning It Down offering for this week. It's a weird angle, I know. Imagine you have just opened the door to my garage and then looked up:
One rod for curling ribbon and one for fabric ribbon. 

OK... I cannot believe I just showed you a picture of my garage ceiling. Well, it's the little entryway into the garage, but still, it's in the garage! But that's where my craft closet is and that's where it will have to stay as long as the rooms are full of little people (and not so little people). I can live with that! :)

OH... I used two tension rods that I had sitting in my closet. One of them was thicker so I put the curling ribbon on it and one was thinner but it was still too thick for some of the really tiny ribbon rolls. We found (the girls helped me) that if you cut slits in the holes of the cardboard ends of the ribbon rolls, you could push those flaps in and make the hole big enough to slide onto the tension rod. Just FYI!


  1. I think I saw this on Pinterest recently, too. Brilliant idea. I'm definitely going to have to think about where I can set something like this up.

  2. My sister-in-law just pinned this today! I definitely need to do something similar for our wrapping supplies. Pinterest is proving great for organizational ideas for me. too.

  3. This is a great idea, and it looks decorative, too! I wish I had enough ribbon to need organizing!

  4. Jeannine,
    It is kind of pretty. I wish I had space for it in the house.
    I have been collecting this stash for a long time. I still have some ribbon that I used to trim my oldest's baptismal gown and he turns 14 this week!

  5. Awesome idea. I wonder if I could do them across the window of my utility room. Would make a different, but colorful and useful curtain.

  6. Such a great idea! My ribbon is in a basket right now, all tangled up. ;)

  7. Awesome! I am going to have to see if I can find somewhere to do this. Right now all of my ribbon is in two different places... Some of it is in an underbed box with all of the wrapping paper - under my 2 year old's toddler bed! - and the rest is in another box under my school room table. :/

  8. This looks so much better than the basket I have my rolls in! I wish I had the wall space to do it - thanks for the cardboard cutting tip!

  9. great idea! so will each roll move freely around the rod so that you can just reach up and pull off the length you need?


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