Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is that you, Jiminy?

Well I feel like I need to post something to silence the crickets that last blog post attracted. I thought for sure there was a science lover out there who would get excited by it, but alas no. And no one on FB either! Hah! The Professor was jazzed, let me tell you! Having heard Br. Guy's talk has really opened his mind to the study of science as an exploration of faith; getting to know the Creator by investigating what He created.

Maybe everyone was still in a Downton Abbey stupor. There is a new episode on tonight but I probably won't get to see it until it's online so no spoilers, please!

Or maybe everyone was out enjoying the unusually mild winter. Our temperatures keep bouncing up and down like Cupcake in her Jumperoo. It's kind of crazy after the Summer of Never Ending Misery. We got so used to it being hot all day every day and now we have to check the thermometer before getting dressed for the day and check it again before choosing pajamas at night.

And speaking of Jiminy... have you been watching Once Upon a Time? Ooooh. It's so good! Usually I "discover" shows two or three years after they've been off the air. I am so glad I happened upon this one from the start. It's made late night nursings much more enjoyable!

Well, that's all I have for now. I've been busy taking care of Cupcake, wishing I could be in Oregon and tweaking our second semester coursework. OH!!! Have you heard about Homeschool Connections' Free Refresh! Midwinter Virtual Conference?  What an awesome idea! This is about the time of year I need a little energy transfusion. Check out the stellar Catholic speakers they have lined up!

And look at this list of celebrity parents who choose to homeschool their children when they could choose any other educational opportunity in the world. Kinda cool. Think they'd enjoy a webinar?

Gratuitous baby shot:
The biggest and the littlest



  1. I'm watching Downton after the fact too, downloading it from iTunes. It is hard to avoid the conversations I know are happening everywhere.

    We are loving Once upon a Time. Dom won't watch Downton with me (He has a strange period drama phobia.) but he does like Once Upon a Time.

    Love that baby shot! Does it seem surreal to see your oldest so big in comparison?

  2. Oh, I liked the last post. I put the books on my wish list on Amazon. I love when I can find good Catholic books on science.

  3. My goodness that picture is CUTE!!

    We sure missed having you, but with everything you did to help, despite the distance, it was almost like you were here! Thank you!!

    I'm sure it won't be too long before I come up with an other excuse to visit TX so you can meet this little guy, even though technically he has already been to your home! ;)

    I am going to have to look into those shows you mentioned, to help with my own late night feedings!

  4. My husband got me hooked on Once Upon a Time. He tries to seek out anything that is like Lost. I don't necessarily think it's a show for children, but my six year old, as terrified as she seems to be of Once Upon a Time is drawn to it every time my husband turns it on.

  5. We watch Downton abbey on the PBS website and loved it. But we (Mom, 16 year old, 14 year old, and 12 year old) do have to discuss the issuse, both moral and historical.
    We also are hooked on Once upon a time!


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