Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leaping Leap Day!

It's tomorrow! Are you doing anything special? We have plans to take the day off school... it is an extra day anyway, right? ; ) Um... except for The Professor who reminded me he has to take a quiz for his online grammar class. Whoops. But other than that... free day!!!

Of course, we'll need to understand what exactly leap day/ leap year is so we might peruse this website or a few others about the Gregorian Calendar and Pope Gregory XIII, but that's not history research, just setting the mood for the day.

I am making some treats today to surprise the kids with tomorrow. Using a kit that Shortcake got for her birthday, I'm treating them to chocolate frogs. These won't be leaping frogs so instead we'll have to read the famous Mark Twain story, The Celebrated Jumping Frogs of Calaveras County. I know it's American Literature, but it's really just a fun story and in no way related to school work.

I think we'll also try our hand at this Leap Day Obstacle Course perhaps making modifications for indoor leaping if the rain we were supposed to get today decides to spoil our outdoor fun. Gee... if we were doing school, it could be counted as PE, right?

And I think I might have them each write a letter to be opened on the next leap day. But that sounds like writing practice you say? Pshaw... I told you, we weren't doing school work!

And then, we'll end the day with this fun movie...
I haven't seen it in a while so I'm not sure if it's appropriate for young children. 
Might have to check that....

Do you have any special plans?

*Edited to say... that movie still might be a little too grown-up for my kids so they asked to see the "singing pirate" movie again.


  1. Sounds great! I didn't think of Leap Day activities. We are heading in for our level 2 sono and memaw & papaw will be entertaining for the morning, but maybe i could swing a fun breakfast or lunch.

    I love that movie too. As I recall, though there is a couple living together, I think it's mostly fine. No sex, no blatant innuendo (I can't think of any actually, but there might be some subtle.) and marriage is particularily highly thought of in the movie. It sounds like a fine choice.

  2. Great idea!!!! Hmmm I wonder if I can pull anything off???

  3. How fun!! I think I might try and make the kids some Fruity Frogs for an afternoon snack (if I can figure out a way to make them without grapes - more apple maybe?), and I might just steal your suggestion of having them each write a letter to open on the next leap day! I think they would love that - such a great idea!!

    As for school, we usually have the tutor here from 9-1 on Wednesdays, but since we had someone get sick here last night, she isn't going to be coming. Might be for the best anyways, since they are predicting we will have up to 6" of snow by tomorrow night! I guess we will see, we may end up having a snow day as well!

  4. Don't be slippin' in none of that learnin' stuff on declared holidays!

  5. Isn't there a suggestive shower scene in the movie? Might be mixing it up with another movie.

  6. Oh, great suggestions all! I don't think we'll "do" school either!

    (notice how quick this homeschooling mom is to "cancel")

    (and she'll say, "What?! So are you!")

    What can we say? It's February!


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