Friday, February 24, 2012

Not so darlin' clementine bleg...

We picked up a bag of really sour clementines. Nobody wants to eat them as they are, not even The Professor who loves Granny Smith apples and Sour Blue Raspberry lollipops. Can anyone think of what to do with them? This recipe didn't sound very appealing to my kids who really don't like meat and fruit to combine anywhere near their mouths. At this point, a craft rather than a recipe might be the better option...

UPDATE: a friend on FB suggested Nigella Lawson's Clementine Cake and searching for that recipe led me to this Clementine-Vanilla Quick Bread so I think I'm going to try it. Other suggestions are welcome because we have more than 10 to deal with right now.

And yes, I made my baby taste one just to see her make a funny face. She kind of liked it though and then I felt bad that I couldn't give her more than just a taste.


  1. Smoothies! Our clementines are sour now too. I threw some in with OJ (or Apple juice) and some other frozen fruits, greek yogurt, and ice to make some yummy fruit smoothies. I buy a big bag of frozen fruit just for breakfast smoothies.

  2. You know there's the craft on Pintrest where you light a clementine as a candle. I have not done it, but I think I pinned it long ago. I'm MamabearJD there too but I mostly pin stupidly expensive shoes.

  3. I vote smoothies. We've been eating? drinking? them a lot lately, b/c my husband got me an immersion wand blender for Christmas :)

  4. What about Clementine Sorbet? try

  5. What about combining them with cranberries and making some jam or a chutney for sandwiches?

  6. just a thought, as i too have a bag of sour clementines in the fridge...
    i saw on pinterest a recipe for broiled grapefruit. they said it got all warm and sweet with the sugar in the fruit carmelizing like in a brulee.

  7. Your baby is beautiful,adorable!
    Happy weekend.
    Jorgelina of Argentina

  8. Ugghh! I don't like it when we get a bag of oranges that turn out a bit on the dry side! No one wants to eat those either and they end up in the trash!

    Sympathy going out - - the kids here would be disappointed with sour clementines!


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