Monday, February 20, 2012

Lenten Traditions

Many years of Lenten traditions can be found in this post from last year.

This year... simple.

A crown of thorns to adorn our table and remind us of the weight we add to his heavy crown with our sins.

Counting our steps through the desert of this season. Here is another one from Smart Martha that might appeal to you more.

Mardi Gras masks to remind us to seek the true beauty of virtue that the mask of vice hides. Maybe some edible cookie masks too for Tuesday or maybe not. Depends on whether I can put this sweet little Cupcake down long enough to make some cookie dough. (More teeth!)

This book for The Professor. My kids usually choose religious reading during Lent, but he asked for some specifically Lenten spiritual meditations this year. 


  1. Simple is good! I have a question about the thorns- how do you decide how many to put in your crown? I find this very appealing but I have this (silly) fear of putting too many or not enough or 'running out' too soon etc. Do you remove any leftover ones at Easter?

    1. My little secret... shhhhhhh... I will add more to it at night when they've gone to bed if it seems like we are running out too close to Easter. So their goal is to try to make as much reparation as they can. My goal is to show them that we are constantly trying to make reparation for our sins but also, making new sins. None of us is perfect. On Easter morning, all of the thorns are removed and the wreath is decorated with flowers. That's what God's grace does for us!


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