Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pinning It Down {6} Snap Crackle Pops!

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There were so many beautiful Valentines Day boards out there, it was almost too hard to choose what to do! Let's do it all!!! No? Okay. How about just these...

After the kids finished their candlelight St. Valentine's Day breakfast, we started on the rest of the treats! Just like this fabulous tutorial from Lisa at Korean American Mommy, I made these yummy nummies out of rice krispie treats cut into an assortment of hearts with a candy coating.

I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but I didn't dip the large hearts in chocolate. Instead, I used the candy melts to just coat one side. I didn't want to risk them coming off the end of the lollipop stick. (And I also noticed that the tiny hearts looked more like heart shaped blobs after I dipped them.) Once they were firmed up, I used a zip plastic bag with the corner snipped off to create the delicate mesh like lines. The trick to lines like these is a very tiny hole in the corner of the bag and a fast side to side almost scribbling like motion with you hand. (You remember how to scribble, right? : )Don't worry if you dribble on the waxed paper underneath. When the candy sets up, some of the lines will still be attached making for a really cool effect!

Sunshine said, "They look so elegant!" Elegant Rice Krispie treats? Who knew?

P.S. I had originally pinned this idea from a different website. It wasn't until I was putting this post together that I realized that it was just a "hey, look at all these fabulous ideas we found but didn't actually do ourselves " kind of website. That kind of annoys me, even if they do give credit to the original post. So, I deleted that pin and instead pinned the original post.


  1. These look FABULOUS! I love Rice Krispie treats and chocolate, so right up my alley. Nice job.

  2. I pinned these too, but never ended up making them. I like yours better than the originals! YUM.

  3. Way fun and yummy and easy to do GF too!

  4. Wow, those look amazing...and so pretty, too! And now I'm craving peanut butter rice krispy treats with chocolate on top...

  5. Charlotte, those are so cute and professional looking! Nicely done! I made the kids a big heart-shaped rice krispy treat in a heart-shaped cake pan, but it didn't have any of this flair! You've inspired me to try harder next time!

  6. These look so cool! Wish I had the time to do the creative stuff you do with food. Maybe after we're done costuming the 105 kids in the school play. I will say that someone's comment from the quiltie tutorial about how it "just has to look good in the dark and from 20 feet away" has become my costuming mantra. I used to sew stuff in a made to last kind of way and needed to release my need for perfection in these costumes. Haven't completely managed it yet.
    Thanks. Kathy


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