Thursday, March 22, 2012

{p,h,f,r} Springtime

Pretty flowers blooming completely on their own without any help or tending. I've got too many other things to tend right now.

The promise of more!

This funny little girl in her "monkey jumper". When the big kids play their Wii Sports games, she hops up and down along with them. I think she thinks she's a Mii. She won't stop hopping which is why every picture is blurry, like this one!

The real reason all the pictures of my flower beds are close up....weeds taller than BigBoy! And if you think that's the only one, well, I love you for that.
And yes, that is official Texas springtime clothing you see there. Sweat pants and t-shirts without shoes, or with boots, if you have any. This big guy has also been growing like a weed. Time for some new shirts, I see!


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  1. LOL!!!

    Love my perennials, too!

    My life consists of making sure we eat and get school in...the rest of the "good" stuff is just icing on the cake :)

  2. Everything is shooting up fast with all the rain! I'm hoping it won't get too hot too soon - silly, I know.

  3. Lovely flowers! :) Absolutely adorable baby!

  4. I've always said everything's bigger and better in TX! This proves I'm right.:)

  5. Lovin' the weed pic! I wish my children were the only ones with shirts that seem to have gotten smaller over the winter...

  6. Haha, yeah, my 6 yr old's shirts are like that too. I can always see his undies when he bends over...and it is partly the pants' fault, but he needs bigger tees! Beautiful flowers!

  7. Thanks for joining! Love the blurry Mii! :)


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