Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Pinterest Predicament: Part 2

For Michele and because I don't like all these long wordy posts with no pictures...
The stinky tree who's pollen is making my brain very fuzzy!
Still haven't made any official decisions but Sarah and Pam have come up with a very reasonable approach worth considering... check it out and be sure to vote in the sidebar.

I put this in the combox below, but I'm going to put it here. If you pin something and it links back to a blog post or website, that is considered citing the original source. Jessica showed me how you can do a source search on Pinterest and see everything that has been pinned and credited back to your post. (Do a google search for pinterest.com/source/tiredtwang.com or the address of your blog instead without all the html stuff.)

But, if you pin a picture and only pin back to the location of the picture as it is stored on Blogger, then when someone clicks through, they get taken to here. And from there, there is no attribution or links back to the original post.

By the way, this is one of my pictures that right now is floating around unattributed. If you happen to see it on your pinboard or a friend's could you ask them to change the link so that it points back to this original post? I know the Catholic Pinterest board has it on their board, but I don't know who is in charge of that group board to ask them to change it. I tried to leave comments where I could, but Pinterest must have thought I was a spammer and wouldn't let me comment anymore. Comments don't get repinned so I was trying to leave a comment on each one separately.

I'm hearing lots of people say that repinning seems to be one of the biggest problems. It never occurred to me. I always that it was a matter of courtesy to repin something you liked that someone else posted. Kind of like giving them the hat tip for finding it, but I see now that pinning from the original source only is the way to go!

Also, FYI, if any of your pins link back to an address that starts with a number followed by.bp.blogspot, then you've probably pinned only a picture and not the original post.



  1. I just saw your post and wanted to quickly comment before our day gets going crazily.:) I deleted my account last night. I considered what you are saying here....not repinning and going back to the original source to pin to my pinboards. I noticed that a few things I pinned on my blog were pinned from my blog to Pinterest and the site linked was back to my blog.:( I never intended that for the blog owner I had pinned from. I know I'm not responsible for that, but I feel bad that now her images are being repinned with a link back to my site. So I deleted my account. Honestly, I couldn't imagine actually going to each individual site to pin those to my boards. That would take way more time than I have rather than just repinning. And that's what draws a lot of people to Pinterest. It's like having a giant ABOUT ME visual page. It shows your style, what you like, what's "cool" about you. So I really don't think some people care who they attribute. I don't like that. I honestly liked the websites I visited and pinned from and the repins too....I actually now follow a lot of bloggers whose sites I repinned from. But I don't like others repinning from me and me getting the credit for it. Granted this wasn't happening from Pinterest, it was directly happening from my blog. But still! Besides, this is Lent and I don't think it was too much for me to give up the sacrifice of my boards. I felt pretty relieved after I deleted my account actually. It was uplifting where I'd felt a little guilty before for spending more time online with Pinterest than I actually had. Good Luck with your decision.

  2. Thank you for the picture! Things are particularly bare here at the moment and I am longing for the bloom of spring. It is certainly apropos for Lent though.

    Allison at http://www.totustuusfamily.blogspot.com/ owns the Catholic Pinterest board but they way that board is set up anyone who can oin there can edit things so you should be able to contact any of the pinners. Allison is a very nice woman though (I have met her in person many times) so you won't have a problem.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to thoughtfully post on this. I've been reading lots of Pintrest commentary and thinking about deleting my account too. We're all itching too, I think we're going to have an especially bad allergy spring this year because winter was so mild.

  4. Charlotte I'm really glad you've posted about this. I had no idea, really. I always clicked through to original links when I repinned, because I hate it when I find a pin w/ no further information. And if I make the recipe, or follow someone's tutorial, I like to leave them a comment on their blog or site to thank them for it.
    I'm interested to see how this all plays out. In the mean time, I also liked Sarah and Pam's idea on how to handle the situation.
    Thank you for sharing about this, and helping everyone to understand what is really going on!

    1. I'll tell Allison about the crown of thorns pin. Thanks for saying something! Being an artist, I've always tried to credit my sources, and put artists names in my pins.

      I don't actually think this is a bad thing, it's something people need to learn, and if this is a way for that to happen, it's a good lesson.

    2. Oh, looks like she tagged it with your link all ready!


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