Monday, April 23, 2012

Almost ready for the slaying...

 BigBoy is so proud of  the dragon he helped decorate this morning. He is busy making swords out of butter knives and a shield to go with it. I was tempted to not do a dragon this year. We don't need more treats in the house and we just had our Garden Party on Saturday, and frankly, I admit it, I only have one child who still gets really excited about the idea of a frosting covered dragon cake. But I wanted him to know that his excitement was worth it. It's different than when I had four children all excited, but it's still worth acknowledging. I guess I didn't want him to feel like we were saying, "Well, if it's just for you, I'm not going to bother." So, call it mommy guilt or just the fact that I love to see that shadow dimple of his when he smiles, but he is worth the effort. His excitement alone is worth my time. It's worth a messy kitchen. It's worth not getting something else done today.

We tried to make him ferocious, but this was as close as we got. Maybe it's a she... those nails look a little too manicured for a boy dragon. That's the last time I use red M&M's for claws. I used all non-dairy cake this year and no ding-dongs....just two round layers and about 6 cupcakes. BigBoy helped with the green spots and the scales on the back. Oh, he also chose and placed the red eyes. I painted the fire with food coloring. It was super easy! There are some more ideas over at Catholic Cuisine for celebrating the day. A dragon cake isn't your only option. And don't forget to link up any celebrating you do with food. We'd love to see it!

Happy Feast of St. George to you and your little knights!



  1. We pulled out our St. George and the Dragon book too, (thanks to your & Tracy @ Pinewood Castle's reminders!) and shared it with our own little George.

    He looked at the pictures with a solemn eye and announced, "I don' like d'agons and dubbles!"

    ["dubble" = devil]

    Yes, they are why we do most things, aren't they? This is not to say that I made a dragon cake like yours--which is SUPER cute--but I might be tempted to bake & slay something later.

    Or how 'bout we just buy and eat it? :P

  2. Happy feast day! I nearly forgot in the chaos of this past weekend, I'll have to get out our book when I get home.

  3. I love that you made the cake for BigBoy! And your dragon cakes just get better and better each year!! Happy Feast of St. George!

  4. And my children thank you for reminding them about today's feast! ;)

  5. Your dragon is ferocious I love it.

    1. Thank you, Miss Prim! Your baby sister is fiercely cute! : )


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