Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Shepherd's Garden Party ~ Week Two

This week's party was quite a challenge! I have some gunk faced kids with varying degrees of lower GI distress. I think it's a either a very mild cold or very bad allergies. When my kids get gunky, they usually forgo dairy products as those just seem to add to the gunk in the throat and the intestinal distress. Like I said, it seems to be very mild but significant enough to make us decide to skip the dairy for a few days.

We had our party on Saturday and while it looks more appropriate for a lunchtime meal but it was perfect for our current non-appetites. We could have skipped this week, but I saw it as a challenge to be creative and adapt to my family's needs. We still needed to eat dinner but we catered it to our particular tastes of the day.

~Welcome to the Lord's Table~

We decorated the table with some more of our gardenia blossoms. They were beautiful but were almost too fragrant!

We made peanut butter and honey sandwiches combining two of the symbols into one, bread and honey.

 Ginger ale was as close to wine as anyone wanted to drink. It was very soothing on the tummies.

 Fruit was on the table but it was mostly just nibbled on.

Since I didn't want to make anyone's tummy rumbles worse by serving our beloved Blue Bell ice cream, we opted for some coconut milk ice cream. We could have just skipped it, but the cold treat was comforting to some sore throats. Honestly, we'd never tried this brand before but the mint was better than the chocolate. I prefer So Delicious when I can find it.

Don't forget to link up over at Catholic Cuisine and show us how you are celebrating Easter this week! BigBoy pleaded for a dragon cake for St. George's Day tomorrow so I'm working on a dairy free option for that today. Here's the tutorial again for anyone interested and links to past dragon cakes...

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  1. simple is good!

    prayers for a speedy recovery


  2. Awesome job! I love what you came up with for your family. I also love that these parties are so easily customized and simplified when needed, yet still fun! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  3. This week was a good one for being so simple and easy to adapt, that's for sure! I've not seen that brand of ice-cream but I LOVE So Delicious brand. Hope you all feel better!

  4. Great job Charlotte!!! I love the PB & honey sandwich idea! We also have a coughing child so the milk or ice cream thing won't work....never thought about coconut milk....we do have some of that! Is the ice cream good, I've been wanting to try it. I use coconut milk (vanilla) for smoothies.

    1. The So Delicious brand ice cream is great! I've tried both the mint chip and the chocolate. The Nada Moo brand wasn't as good. There was a strange flavor in the chocolate, but the mint was good.


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