Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Shepherd's Garden Party ~ Week Five

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! After Mass and fancy muffins and coffee, I spent the day working on a sewing project which I will talk about more later. My children make cards for me every year and I am always impressed with the sweet sentiments they express and their creativity. Admittedly, the girls' are a little more colorful and artistic, but my boys still find a way to tug on my heart strings with their pencil drawings and tiny lettering! We celebrated our Garden Party on Saturday and it was enjoyable. I still can't get my kids to taste an olive, but that's OK. I don't particularly care for them myself, why am I even bothering? :)

The Gardener Plants Paradise

The Tree of Life's Leaves and Flowers

The Tree of Life's Fruit

The Owl
After seeing Jessica's tiny little owl cake last year, we just had to make one this year. We put him in a hole in tree with a little crushed pretzel nest underneath him. I used crushed Oreos to make the bottom layer look like a hole.

The Palm Tree

The Olive Tree

The Roses and the Lilies


  1. I just love how your owl turned out. The next time we make it we will definitely be adding the tree hole!! Only two more weeks left... The Easter season is zooming by!

  2. The owl is so cute! I love its nest.

  3. This is so cute Charlotte! Your creativity knows no bounds!


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