Thursday, May 10, 2012

{p,h,f,r} May baby

You know how they say that each successive child has fewer and fewer pictures in their baby photo album? Not so here. I just can't stop taking pictures of this baby!
 For those who are wondering, we have a Baby's First Year Calendar that we are filling in for her. That's why, every month since she's been sitting up, we've taken a picture of her in front of this book shelf. This is May's calendar picture.


Proof that I have other children!

Real love!


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  1. Faith was like that (very photographed). Enough years between children allows it. She's a darling. She is loved much -- always a good thing.

    1. That's probably true, Barbara. Hey, look at that... Blogger didn't think you were a spam robot this time!

  2. Ha! Same here! Posy has more pictures already than all the children combined! (okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but not by much). I bet Barbara's right- it's the space between children that does it.

    By the way, my husband thinks Cupcake has the most scrumptious arms ever. :) She does! It's a fact!

  3. Yes, it's the space between children. My first five are roughly two years apart from each other and the photos are fewer for #5. #6 came four years later and it is ridiculous how many photos we have of him (more than #1 probably because #1 only had a doting Mama while #6 had doting camera-toting sisters as well). Then #7 - the baby of my "old age" - came 4 years later and even more photos. Although, the older kids do have their photos in albums and scrapbooks, while the two youngest photos are stuffed in boxes.

  4. The convenience of the iPhone (read:attached to hip) is making it very easy to get pictures of our littlest. It's the putting of them in actual-hold-in-your-hands-albums like the first four have that's the problem....

  5. I don't know how you ever get anything done, other than the fact that you have to share that sweet Cupcake with four doting sibs. She's such a bundle of deliciousness, I would photograph her all day.


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