Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Shepherd's Garden Party ~ Week Seven and Pentecost!

After two birthdays back-to-back on Thursday and Friday, my husband said "no" when I mentioned celebrating our last Garden Party on Saturday. He played the obedience card! He's such a good man. Saturday was a day of rest. We had a visitor on Sunday who helped us celebrate Pentecost with a 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit Salad and a Pentecost cheesecake (white with 7 strawberries which I forgot to take a picture of) and other food too. So our final Garden Party was rescheduled for today. Here's how it went:

~ The Heavenly Zoo ~

The Beehive
Stole Jessica's idea for beehive buns. The little almond bees were so cute!

The Deer
The Professor was so excited! He loves deer sausage.

The Pelican
Gone Fishin' Pelican Trail Mix... Jessica was right. This was a hit!

The Lion
This lion pizza looks kind of creepy to me but BigBoy thought it was cool.

The Phoenix
 Fiery phoenix chips and salsa

The Peacock
We had enough treats in the house and didn't want to add any more so I just set out my sweet peacock mug and added some leftover Mother's Day flowers. Can you believe these are from Mother's Day?

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Season!



  1. Everything looks great! I thought the almond bees were cute too, and so easy! And we will be making that trail mix again for sure.

    My meat loving oldest just walked by and said "What is that?!" pointing to the Deer Sausage. Not sure if I can find it around here, but I'm sure he would have preferred that to our PB&J deer! :)

    And we did it!!! Made it through one more Easter Season. I'm thinking next year I am going to be ready for a break from the Garden Parties, and maybe focus on the other feast days during the Easter season. Maybe?

  2. I have to tell you my three year old loved this post. He wouldn't let me off the picture of the lion for quite a bit!


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