Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Library Finds

Yesterday was the first day of the library's summer reading program so we went to sign up and get started. Cupcake wasn't up for a long trip so we kind of ran around for 20 minutes grabbing what looked interesting. I don't get a lot of questions on this blog, but one that I do get frequently is what my kids are reading so I hope you won't mind if I list them here. These are not necessarily reviews because not all have been read yet, just what we spied on the shelf that struck our fancy. If you have a recent library finds post, please link to it in the combox! I'd love to read it.

From the recent acquisitions shelf...
This is where I hang out because it's in a open space with room for Cupcake to crawl around and I have a pretty good vantage point of the kids as they frequent their favorite sections. Plus, is there anything more fabulous than being the first one to crack open a crisp new book?

Grandpa's Gardenby Stella Fry
I love gardening picture books but that's as close to tilling up the backyard as I get. I know my grandpa is shaking his head at me where ever he is. My grandpa was no gardener, he was a farmer, but those genes just didn't trickle down to me. The pictures in this books are lovely and the colors so inviting. It was a feast for the eyes and chocked full of wonderful information about gardening. There is an entire 10 page section in the back that shows you how the garden was plotted out and what Grandpa does in the winter, autumn, spring and summer to tend the garden. There is even advice for those brave enough to try their own garden. The story itself covers composting, planting, beneficial bugs, harvesting and more. Very informative this cute little picture book!

In the Garden with Dr. Carverby Susan Grigsby
Are you sensing a theme? I swear, these were all on the new acquisitions shelf so the fault lies plainly with the library! This was a really interesting book and a lovely way to introduce your children to Dr. George Washington Carver. There was a very pro-nature-journalling message that I think homeschoolers will like.
"When I was a boy," said Dr. Carver, "drawing and plants were my two passions. I mixed my own paints and covered stones and discarded boards with pictures of the flowers. And always asking questions. I wanted to know the names of every strange stone and flowers, every insect, bird, and beast that visited the garden."
Grandpa Greenby Lane Smith
Delightful! Love the illustrations! Topiaries shaped like the Cowardly Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow!
In fourth grade he got the chicken pox. Not from the chickens. He had to stay home from school. So he read stories about secret gardens and wizards and a little engine that could.

The Professor: I guess he had a theme going too

Gladiatorby Richard Watkins

Life of a Roman Soldierby Don Nardo

Life as a Gladiator: An Interactive History Adventure (You Choose Books: An Interactive History Adventure)by Michael Burgan

Technology of Ancient Greeceby Melanie Anne Apel


Making Musicby Susan Bonners (Looks like a nice multi-generational story.)

Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell, 1847 (Dear America Series)by Kristiana Gregory

Lucy's Wish (Orphan Train Children)by Joan Lowery Nixon

The Cats in the Doll Shopby Yona Zeldis McDonough


I've Lost My Hippopotamusby Jack Prelutsky (She loves My Dog May Be a Genius.)

Roverandomby JRR Tolkien (A re-read for her!)

The Third Giftby Linda Sue Park (This is a Christmas story but was on the new shelf and she thought it looked interesting.)


Young Henry and the Dragonby Jeanne Kaufman (really awesome pictures and a cute story too)

A Boy Called Dickensby Deborah Hopkinson (haven't looked at it but it looks intriguing)

Colorful Puzzles for Wise Eyesby Keith Kay (visual puzzles, not for the colorblind)

P.S. The links take you to Amazon because I like using Amazon reviews to check out a book I'm not familiar with but please don't feel pressured to buy one. We borrowed all of these from our library free of charge. Maybe your library has them too!



  1. We made our library trip yesterday too. My 7yo boy is loving the Insiders series. They have wonderful 3D illustrations about dinosaurs,inventions, weather, etc. He also picked up Dizzy Dinosaurs Silly Dino Poems by Lee Hopkins. My 13yo is saving up for a tree frog pet, so she picked up Keeping Amphibians by Andrew Gray and is rereading the Percy Jackson books. My 15yo still has finals this week so is stuck with Othello until Friday. Have a great week!

  2. What fantastic books! There are several that we will add to our list for our next trip to the library (probably this Friday). Your children seem to have very similar tastes as my kids, especially your Professor. I think he would really hit if off with my Soldier (also my oldest child, just turned 14). I had never heard of Roverandom. I sure hope our library has it. And I'm not sure if my kids would care, but I'm very much interested in A Boy Called Dickens. I've been on a Dickens kick for about a year now and it doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon.

    Thanks for the fun post, Charlotte!

  3. It's like you read my mind! I was just thinking that I need to get the kids to the library more often this summer, especially now that I finally have a couple of readers. These suggestions are invaluable. Thank you!!


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