Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Book Sale, Freebies and a very special GIVEAWAY!

I'm joining in Jessica's curriculum blog hop.
Most of these are books we no longer use or are duplicate copies we were given.  I've tried to group them together by category. I've priced these at what I hope is a fair price on the low side. I will charge a flat rate media mail shipping fee of $3 for an envelope (just one or two small books) and $5 for a box no matter the size. If you see me locally and we can arrange a hand off, no shipping fee applied. I can prefer Paypal but will take a check. Please leave a comment and send me an email so we can work out payment and shipping. Thanks!

~Homeschool Books for Sale~
(The Art of Drawing for Kids 1 $10 and The Art of Watercolor for Kids 1 $10)

(Latina Christiana 1Teacher's Manual, DVDs and CD $15)

(Handwriting 1 for Young Catholics $5, My Very First Catholic Speller $5Art 2 for Young Catholics $5, English 5 for Young Catholics $10, Famous Men of Rome Student Guide $10, Seton Life Science $10)

(First Language Lessons $5, The Sciences $5, My World of Neighbors (with workbook and answer keys: not pictured) and Diagramming Extra Practice Sheets with Answer Key $2)

Young Naturalist's Notebook unused  $10 (still available)

CD/DVD albums $10 each or $15 for both
(I was set to reduce our DVD storage down to these beautiful little albums but my kids had a conniption fit. Oh well.)

Homeschool Freebies!
 These are some small books or such that I would be willing to throw in for free to anyone who makes a purchase. Just let me know which you'd like when you claim your other books.
Toothbrick Bridges: Teacher's Manual with glue just add toothpicks, Follow the Dots Coloring Book, The New Kingdom of David Activity Book, Handwriting Practice Book 1, Basics of Diagramming, Mavis Beacon Typing)

(Also Freebies... Student Assignment Book unused and Reading-Thinking Skills Level A)

(Student Assignment Book on the inside)

~Miscellaneous Books for Sale~
 (The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies $2, The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies for Children $2, How To Feed a Teenage Boy $5, Saving Dinner the Low-Carb Way $5)

 (The Joyful Homeschooler $4, A Mom Just Like You $3, Mom to Mom Day to Day $3, Holiness For Housewives $3, Catholic Traditions in the Home and Classroom $10)

 (Backyard Composting $2, Why is it Always About You $5, Freakonimics $5, Gone to Texas $15, Strategy and Tactics of Air Warfare $5)

 (Pope St. Pius X $4, The King, Crucified and Risen $3, How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist $3, Search and Rescue $5, The Cure of D'Ars Today $3, The Divine Office for Dodos $6, The How to Book of the Mass $3, Jesus, Peter and the Keys $8)

 (The Renovation Manipulation $10, Faustina Apostle of Divine Mercy $3, Praying the Mass $3, Holy Mass $3, Padre Pio: The True Story $5, The DaVinci Hoax $3, Stories of Padre Pio $3)

(The Road to Damascus $5 and The Courage to Be Catholic $5)

(Thurber on Crime $3, The Best of Modern Humor $5, The Weekend Book of Humor $5, The Best of Robert Benchley $5)

(The Benchley Roundup $3, Sense and Sensibility $3, Les Miserables $3, Four Classic American Novels $3, A Landscape With Dragons $3, The Count of Monte Cristo $3)

(Raising Dragons $3 and Autobiography of Mark Twain: Vol. One $10)

(Thoughts of the Cure D'Ars, Catholic Etiquette for Children at Mass, A Pocket Guide to the Mass, The Secret of the Rosary, The Wonders of the Holy Name, Confidence in God)
 These are some small books/pamphlets that I would be willing to throw in for free to anyone who makes a purchase. Just let me know which you'd like when you claim your other books.

~A Special Gift~

As you can tell, we have a collection of old Catholic books. When I started clearing off the bookshelves, I challenged myself to get rid of a few of these beautiful old books that were just sitting there collecting dust and give them away to someone who might read and enjoy them now. How this one ended up in our collection, I don't know. The binding is not in the best shape, as you can see, but it's a beautiful tiny little thing. If you would like a chance at winning this pretty little treasure, just leave a comment on this post with the words "Enter Me". Any comments that don't include "Enter Me" won't be entered.


  1. If it is still available, I would like the Latin set!

    1. Sure, can you send me an email? Thanks!

    2. Just sent you an email. Sorry it took so long we were running errands before it gets too HOT!!!

  2. (The Art of Drawing for Kids 1 $10 and The Art of Watercolor for Kids 1 $10)
    Catholic Traditions in the Home and Classroom $10)

    my email is


  3. Can I have the James Thurber and Wodehouse books? Thanks! I'll get them from you at Mass if you like.

  4. Could you please take off(The Art of Drawing for Kids 1 $10 and The Art of Watercolor for Kids 1 $10)

    Sorry Ijust wanted the Catholic Traditions in the Home and Classroom $10)

  5. Just sent you an email for a few things! Thank you & enter me, please.
    What a nice way of doing business! ;)

    1. Lisa, I don't know that I received your email. Can you send it again?

    2. Never mind... I found it. It got caught in the spam filter.

  6. Hi! I would like to get the following:

    My World of Neighbors, Padre Pio: The True Story, Stories of Padre Pio, Thoughts of the Cure d'Ars, and The Wonders of the Holy Name

    Thank you.

    1. I sent you an email with the price for My World of Neighbors.

  7. Catholic Etiquette for Children at Mass
    The Secret of the Rosary
    Confidence in God

    Can I take 3?

  8. Oh and can you enter me in the drawing?

  9. Look at all of your great books! Happy Selling! I think I am always in a state of trying to sell some books :)

  10. Hi Charlotte,

    Please enter me :0).

    Also, if available I'd like the following:

    The Art of Watercoloring for Kids 1
    Holiness For Housewives
    A Landscape With Dragons

    Thank you!

    1. Landscape is claimed. The other two are available. I'm trying to cross things off as they get spoken for.

  11. Please Enter me for the drawing. The book looks like a great little read.

  12. Enter me! I was interested in Day to Day by Danielle Bean and the Composting book as well as the student assignment book if they are still available. I just sent an email as well. Thanks

  13. Enter Me!

    mcsrose (at) fidnet (dot) com

  14. I really enjoy your blog! Enter Me (please)!! :)

  15. Please enter me!!

    1. Would you like to leave a nickname or some sort of contact information in case you win? Thanks!

    2. here is a nickname mammax Thanks!!

  16. My priest used to give that book away left and right! I know someone who returned to the faith after reading it. Enter me, please!

  17. Enter me :)) that is so nice of you, thank oyu!!

  18. Please enter me. Kelly from Texas

  19. Enter me :) - such a beautiful treasure! Thank you.

  20. Hi Charlotte - I love reading your blog updates :) Please enter me for the giveaway, and I'll email you the book(s) I want to buy if still available. Thanks! Emily H.

  21. Enter me! I would love to win that beauty of a book

  22. Hi! If you still have Les Mis, count of Monte Cristo, Sense and Sensibility and four classical american novels I would like them! My email is Thanks!

  23. If Pope St. Pius X and Jesus, Peter and the Keys are still available, I'll take them. If the Pocket Guide to the Mass is as well, I'd like that, too. I'm sending you an email now.

    Please enter me in the drawing, too. Thanks!

  24. I would like to get the saving dinner book, if it's still available.



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