Saturday, September 22, 2012

Illness induced randomness...

...because my ears are too plugged up to listen to any more of Jane Austen's lyrical prose.

...because I can't take one more shower without my skin peeling off.

...because I have lost all sense of taste and smell to the point that I'm just drinking hot water... tea tastes like hot water now anyway so why not.

...because of all this, I am blogging some randomness...

Tillamook cheese! From Oregon!!! 

Have I mentioned that we are all sick? Well, Sean and Shortcake are doing their best to only succumb mildly right now. They are keeping this place running. It all started Friday morning for the rest of us. The Professor was hoping to still go to his book club on Friday night but by that afternoon, it was obvious that wasn't going to happen. They were reading Mortal Engines this month. He really did not like the book. Dystopian fiction just does not appeal to him and he was hoping to hear from his friends what they thought of it. I had made a grasshopper trifle and topped it with these candy locusts to send with him.
The inspiration come from a line in the book...
Those who still have a sense of taste are enjoying it.
Back to the sick bed.



  1. Yay for Tillamook Cheese in Texas!! It's pretty much the only cheese I ever buy (other than Precious Mozzarella)... Those commercials are so funny!

    And I love the Grasshopper Trifle! So sorry that the Professor had to miss his book club!

    You all need to get better!! WIsh I was close by and could bring you all a big pot of soup or some Gatorade! Maybe I need to call up my sister... ;)

  2. Baked potatoes, zinc, and lots of garlic - sure to cure a cold :) Hope you all feel better soon!

  3. So sorry you all are so ill! Get well soon! :)

  4. Oh, no! I hope you all feel better soon. We remembered you and your family in our rosary we said this evening. Have you tried mentholatum?

    P.S. The trifle looks super yummo. :)

  5. Love Tillamook Cheese! Got spoiled on it when we were stationed in AK. Funny commercial too.. haven't seen those before.

    Feel better soon, friend!

  6. Tillamook cheese is the best in the world. Their peanut butter and chocolate ice cream is to die for as well. The factory is cool too! You should all come out this way and make a visit!

    Get better soon!!

  7. Hope you all feel better soon! Wish I could bring a pot of soup with me on the plane:)

  8. As a producer of the milk that makes Tillamook cheese, I' m so glad you love it and happy to milk the cows that make it.
    Marissa in Tillamook


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