Friday, September 28, 2012

Cabin fever

Shortcake was the most recent to get blasted by this nasty cold/flu we've got going on. The three of us who came down with it last Friday are still clearing out the gunk but significantly on the mend. It seems to start with a sore throat followed by two days of fever and sinus headache (mostly low grade) and the grande finale of a week of more phlegm than I've produced in my whole life. Lovely, I know!

Sean, BigBoy and Cupcake seem to have escaped with only mild versions, thank goodness, because I would be seriously terrified if the littlest one got it. Plus, I think my house would turn into a disaster area if my husband was not functioning right now, because I am only just now getting my strength back. I've been able to fix some dinners and do some dishes. (Hey... my mom was right... hot, soapy dishwater does make you feel better! Kind of like a personal sauna for my sinuses.) Yesterday I folded three loads of laundry... whoo hoo!

I didn't get a pretty, happy, funny, real post together, but I did pull out some pictures to share:
 I have never seen a praying mantis up close before. This one stayed on my kitchen window all day!
 The Professor melted my heart when he picked up his baby sister and danced her to sleep while they listened to one of their favorite songs... Moonlight by The Piano Guys.
I found this little tableau the other day and had to take a picture. Apparently the minfigs around here are working on a stop motion action flick.


  1. As a mom of three under five, I have to say that that dancing picture makes me so look forward to (Lord willing!) having babies for another decade or so so that I can see my oldest (I hope :) being so sweet with a baby. Thanks for sharing!

    1. He is the oldest of my "three under three". I know where you are and yes, things are very different on this side of parenting.

  2. I'm very happy to hear you're feeling better and on the mend. Hooray for the three loads of laundry getting folded! It feels so good to get caught up. :)

  3. I notice weird things - I am so impressed with how clean your window is! At first I thought you had captured an action shot of a praying mantis flipping through the air. I would never take a photo of anything on my windows (except maybe as a "before" shot for a miracle window cleaning product). Plus. we have casement windows and the screens are on the inside.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Great pictures and stories to go with them.


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