Monday, October 1, 2012

Simple celebrations

We are all still on the mend. (If I type it enough, maybe it will be true.) Actually, the rest of us are mostly better, it's just Shortcake. She's been running a fever since Thursday. Pretty high at times which tests a mama's nerves. We finally got it to drop last night but she woke up with it at it's highest again so... on to some serious meds.

Anyway, seeing as how she's on a 10 day course to feeling better and the rest of us are still coughing and sputtering trying to clear out all the gunk, our liturgical celebrations for this "Mardi Gras of feast days" (as a sweet Cajun friend put it) have been and will continue to be very simple. I'm talking like plate of cookies simple and not necessarily the homemade kind!

For example... we celebrated Michaelmas by all sitting down to a real dinner! Well, all of us minus the feverish kid. The Professor did offer his custom designed St. Michael minifigure and a picture from his desk as a table decoration.
 St. Michael...
...defend us!
(This picture was an experiment. If you take a sideways picture, Instagram rotates it for you!)

We've got some other simple celebrations coming up this week. Sometimes, simple is sweet!



  1. Still praying for you all, especially Shortcake!

    I love the St. Michael mini-figure! I'll have to show that to my boys!!

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better, and will pray for Shortcake especially!

  3. simple is sweet. prayers for shortcake feeling better soon. despite my absence from blogdom, we have been having a good year celebrating sometimes with much fanfare and other (many) times very simply. hope to catch up sometime soon.

  4. St. Michael meets Condorman. Excellent! I will definitely show that one to my boys (the LEGO St. Michael--not Condorman).

    Hope Shortcake feels better soon!

  5. Three of us in the Brown family are teaching PSR and the saint sheets have been enjoyed by our students. Thanks. Blessings from St.Luke's in Dahlonega, Georgia.


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