Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Simple celebrations: St Therese

The Feast of St. Therese...
First we gathered up a collection of little Thereses. These are not all the ones we have, just the ones we chose for our table decoration. We read from one of our books and had a great discussion about how as a child, St. Therese had to battle her impulsive side. As a mom with two teenagers and a "tween" in the house, we talked about how she could be a powerful intercessor during those moments when their emotions want to rule their actions. These are the kinds of talks I love with my kids. As they get older, our celebrations turn from cookies and coloring pages to a deeper understanding, developing a personal relationship and connection with our heavenly friends.

But then again, cookies are always a good way to begin a conversation! :)
BTW... my husband deserves the credit for this treat. I sent him to the store and said, "Find something edible that looks like a rose." He brought back these lemon creme cookies.


  1. What a wonderful thought. I'll have to remember that (praying to St. Therese in times of emotional battles) and share with my own teens and tweens. Wishing you a blessed feast of the Guardian Angels today and wonderful rest of your week.

  2. What perfect flower cookies. That little peg Therese is so cute. I printed off the guardian angel coloring page today. I wanted to thank you for making them available for free. We enjoy them so much, and it's about all I can manage right now to celebrate the feast days.

  3. I am finding the same transition with feast days as my kids get a little older. Yet still trying to do some of the coloring and crafting with my 4yo. Sometimes it's a hard balance! Your husband did well! Watch out, he might have a secret cake decorating talent!

  4. "Our Lord needs from us neither great deeds nor profound thoughts. Neither intelligence nor talents. He cherishes simplicity." ~ St. Therese

    I love this post, and all of your "simple celebrations!"

  5. What a good man! I am all about simplicity!

  6. Thank you for the nice picture with the salomon´s knot.
    I found your site with google. (Sorry, my English is´nt good...)
    I like your handicrafts.
    Best greetings, Dornspinnchen from Germany


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