Friday, November 23, 2012

Baby Boy Blankies

One is delivered and one should arrive today. The blankies, that is.
 Oh yeah... check out those tiny TARDISes. Um... TARDII? I give up. What's the plural of TARDIS? This one is for a little boy with an awesome name who's mother is the one responsible for the fact that I think "Oy, Space Man!" whenever I see David Tennant. You know who you are!
And this buckaroo blankie is for another little man, who I am sure also has an awesome name, his momma's just keeping it hush for now. But in a few weeks, we'll all know! Hopefully. I mean... if she tells us. I hope he feels Texas sized love when he's wrapped up in it. 

I'm spending Black Friday working on some more blankies and eating leftovers. How about you?



  1. I TOLD you his name! It's Remus!

    Remus Berns. Has a lovely ring to it, don'tcha think?

    And the Texas love is already going around. Literally moments before I read this post, I was showing your quiltie to Grandma Cathy, herself an accomplished quilter. At that point, it was confiscated by big brother George...who waddled off wrapped in all that aforementioned Texas love.

    Love love love. We LOVE the darling cowboy quiltie and I'm sure Remus will too. ;)

  2. love the blankies. please let me know if/when you're open to taking orders. i would be delighted to give my lil' man some tx love while a baby since our move (to tx)will most likely be sometime after he is born.

  3. We love our quiltie!!!! I love taking it much love in it. Makes me smile every time I look at it! Makes me wish I could sew every time though too!! Love the new prints!


  4. Thank you so, so, so, so much! I seriously love it. Lincoln loves it too. I'm not kidding, he has slept better and been happier since we got the blanket than he has been in his entire life. He loves it. But not as much as I do. It's seriously my most prized possession. Or at least, it's neck-and-neck with the kids. Because, TARDII! You're the best, Charlotte.

  5. OH! Lily is DYING to know where you got the Tardi (lol) fabric!

    We love our blanket too! I do have to tell you the kids do fight over it though. My almost four year old thinks it is his. It was in the crib last night and when I went to put Tiger to bed I saw it wasn't in his crib anymore. I went into the living room and someone had stolen it and had it with them in the living room, lol.


  6. Well, (donning nerd pants) if TARDIS were actually a Latin word the plural would be TARDES. But seriously, what IS the plural? And where did you get that "fantastic" fabric?


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