Monday, November 26, 2012

Book bleg

I'm looking for a good devotional book geared for Catholic tween/teen girls. I would prefer a page a day kind of format or a devotional a day but any and all suggestions are welcome.

I've had a recommendation of Pure Faith A Prayer Book for Teens.  Anyone familiar with that one?
UPDATE: A friend who can't leave a comment also recommends The Catholic Girl's Guide which you can purchase here or read online here.

Also, don't forget The Sister Servants' book store if you are looking for Catholics to support with your shopping dollars.


  1. My 15 year old uses The Catholic Girl's Guide. She enjoys it and just added the YouCat to her readings.

  2. The Catholic Girl's Guide is also available at Mother of Our Savior ( I'm planning to give it to my daughter for her birthday next year.

    And the Pure Faith prayer book is very nice, but it's a prayer book with extra quotes from scripture or saints related to most prayers. Not really a devotional, but still nice.

  3. I would love one for my 10yo daughter, too! I saw The Catholic Girl's Guide and wondered if she was a bit too young for that? Any thoughts? Thanks for bringing this up:)


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