Monday, November 5, 2012


I promised the kids back over the summer that come this fall, I'd paint their rooms. I painted them shortly after we moved into this house about 10 years ago and they were due for a redo.
The boys decided they were done with their racing stripes. This was taken a few years back when we were moving furniture around.
They picked a color called Forest Pine and I think it turned out to suit them very well.

 Since we removed their closet doors and hung curtains, I painted the closet the same color as the room. I still need to fix the curtains a little bit. I want to get rid of the tabs and lengthen the hem.

The girls' room had a decorative feature on one wall. Since their walls were pink and purple alternating around the room, I painted a diamond pattern on the small wall between their door and their closet. 
They decided they wanted to keep the pattern but freshen it up a little with brighter colors. They have chosen a soft mint green for their main walls and we managed to work it into the pattern too. Here, it just looks white.
I still have to finish their room, but I expect the three remaining walls won't even take as long as this one did! It was more of an art project and less of a home improvement project. But they love it. And I love that.



  1. Wow! It all looks great Charlotte!! I can't believe you have been doing all of this while taking care of sick kiddos... You are amazing!

    1. Well, Cupcake is the only sickie left and I had everyone else here at home to help take care of her... Sean and all the big kids. It was a team effort, believe me!

  2. I think the boys' color is very nice and those diamonds are so neat! They really pop and add "art" the inexpensive way :)

  3. Inexpensive, but painful! My legs hurt from stepping up and down the step stool so many times! Maybe I should repaint them everyday. I'd have the gams of a Rockette! :)

  4. I love the diamonds! They are so elegant and the colors are so feminine. Very Jane Austen!

  5. I love that you have the Paper Dali St. Michael in the room. I embroidered that image and it is a part of our family too -sweet to see others do the same.


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