Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Mercy Cover Quiltie Fundraiser!

It is my privilege and honor to help my sweet sister in Christ, Colleen, with her missionary work by offering a giveaway for the purposes of supporting and spreading the word about her new initiative, Mercy Covers. Don't know about Mercy Covers, yet? It's a beautiful outreach of the St. Bryce Foundation that seeks to provide "meaningful work for women in rural Costa Rica while giving the gift of a warm handmade quilt to an orphan or survivor in a trafficking safe house through our partnerships with other local organizations."
So, to help get this project off the ground and get as many people wrapped up in fuzzy blanket warmness, we are doing a little fundraising!  Colleen needs to meet a goal in order to have her project fully funded via the Pure Charity website.  Let's see what we can do to help...

Today is the first day of Advent and St. Nicholas's feast day is fast approaching. In honor of this saint known for his charity to all and special patronage of children here is what we're gonna do. For every chance you earn, I will put your name on a gold coin and drop it in a stocking. On December 6, I will draw out a winner. Simple! (Don't worry. I'll stir them up good to make sure none get stuck in the toe!) So, how do you get a chance to win? Here's what you can do...
1. Make a donation. Increments of ten get you extra chances. So $1-$9 gets you one chance, but $10 gets you two chances, $20 gets you three, etc...  The Mercy Covers Pure Charity page can be found here. You can make donations there by signing up with a free account either with or without a Facebook account. We are trying to fund Colleen's project via Pure Charity so donations there are the best but if you'd rather donate via Paypal directly to The St. Bryce Foundation you can find their donate button here. If you have any problems making a donation, shoot me an email. Any and all donations are accepted in whatever way they come. And to keep everyone's donations private, I'm going to ask that everyone send me an email (subject GIVEAWAY!) with your donation amount and any other chances you've earned (see below). This way I have a contact address for everyone and is the reason comments are closed below.
2. Do you really want a chance to win but a donation just isn't in the budget? We understand. You can do your part by spreading the word. Earn as many chances to win by doing any of these things...
a) Like and share the Mercy Covers Facebook page then share a link to this fundraiser on your FB page!
b) Tweet a link to this fundraiser on The Twitter if you are a Twitterer. Tweeter? Twit? :)
c) If you don't have a FB page or do any tweeting, you can share a link to this blog post on your own blog or even in an email to a group of friends.
Just spread the word and then tell me how you did it. 
Sooooo, what exactly are we giving away to sweeten this already grace filled opportunity pot? How about a custom designed Quiltie? That's right! I will communicate with the winner to discuss colors of bandanas and coordinating fabric and the gender of child it is intended for. You will get a Quiltie made especially for your little one or for whichever little person you deem snuggliest. A niece, a grandchild, a friend of a friend... you decide. So that means, it's open to anyone.
The more you help spread the news, the better your chance of winning because depending on the response we get, I just might choose more than one winner!
All names not chosen will be entered in a secondary raffle for one of two T-shirt necklaces based on this design made by Colleen and her friends there in Costa Rica... straight from the mission field!
So, to recap...
If you donate $20, and you like/share the Mercy Covers FB page with a link to the fundraiser and you tweet a link as well, you will have earned 5 chances to win! (3 for the donation, 1 for the like/share and one for the tweety bird link)

DON'T FORGET!!! Send me an email (saluwhat AT gmail DOT com) telling me how many chances you've earned. Honor system, people! St. Nicholas is watching! 
You decide how many chances you get. Let's fill up St. Nick's stocking and get Mercy Covers well on it's way to being funded!



  1. Beautiful! Thanks for hosting this for dear Colleen!!!

  2. You can't leave a comment to enter this fundraising giveaway! Please send me an email (saluwhat AT gmail DOT com) with the subject GIVEAWAY and tell me how many chances you earned! Please be honest! He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake!

  3. What a great cause. Glad to see you behind this!

  4. Charlotte, I kind of copied Jessica and had Simeon make the post:


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