Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 2 of the Mercy Covers Giveaway Fundraiser!

Hello and good morning! We are on Day 2 of the Mercy Covers Giveaway Fundraiser and we are chugging along like the Little Engine That Could. To enter into our giveaway for a custom designed Quiltie and two t-shirt necklaces from the women of the Mercy Covers initiative in Costa Rica, you can read the whole shebang at the post below of you can just do this:

1. Make a donation! Donate at the Pure Charity Mercy Covers website or donate via Paypal directly to the St. Bryce Foundation by clicking the Donate button on their homepage. $1-$9 gets you one chance but $10 gets you 2 and $20 gets you 3, and on and on and on!

AND...              OR...

2. Spread the word! Like & Share the Mercy Covers Facebook page, tell people about this giveaway, tweet it, blog it, G+ it, send an email to your friends, just get the word out!

Then send me an email (saluwhat @ gmail DOT com) telling me what you did.  It's that simple. God bless you for your generosity! Happy Advent!