Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Celebrating Fifteen!

Yes, on this day of prayer and penance, we are celebrating the 15 years that this amazing young man has been in our life. There are 55 million children gone, children who will never see their 15th birthday.  So, we are celebrating the life of this strongly pro-life young man and in our hearts mourning the loss of those who never had a birth day.
A saved banner from year's past and ivy from a box of garland in the garage.
His day began with... decorations! He's not interested in having a theme party anymore but he did ask for a cake made in my Cathedral Bundt Pan because it reminded him of Rivendell. So, being lovers of all things Tolkien, we decided to decorate the breakfast table with our simplified version of Rivendell.
The staff and backdrop were both from birthday's past. The centerpiece was our homage to the Hall of Fire
Sean even made a waterfall out of the streamers! Clever man!
And then there was coffee! And then Latin...because today was the first day of his second semester online Latin class, so I couldn't give him the whole day off. His siblings each did one subject in solidarity with him and then we proceeded to have some fun. He had made a request to go to a local arcade and play some games which Sean took the big kids to on Sunday afternoon. He's particularly good at a World War II Flying Ace game proving that he is my grandfather's great grandson.

Today, he just asked to go to the bookstore and use up the rest of a Christmas gift card his godparents had sent him. We brought dinner home (which was his gift to his poor mother since it seems like I am coming down with a cold and have been battling a nasty sore throat all day) and then enjoyed some cake. A six flavor cake! It was supposed to be a five flavor cake but we snuck another one in there! Sneaky little hobbitses we are! Except for The Professor. He's an elf. Totally an elf!

The cake was super moist and delicious but not GF so Husband (the wizard in the family) had some brownies to enjoy instead.

Now I'm very tired and my face is filling up with gunk. Good night.


  1. You are an awesome mom and your son is just so darn handsome!

  2. Happy Birthday to the Professor!!!!

  3. I love how you do birthdays! So special!! He seems like such a cool kid :)

  4. Happy birthday to your young man! Wishing him abundant blessings in this new year of his!

  5. Happy Birthday to the Professor!

    Love the cake, and everything, as usual! And the waterfall is perfect! Good job Sean!

    I hope you feel better soon, Charlotte!

  6. Many happy returns of the day to the Professor! cool shirt!
    (and feel better soon, Charlotte)

  7. I agree - what a handsome young man! This post is making me imagine my own little man (just two and a half now), and what he might be like one day...I feel like it's going to come all too soon!

  8. Ah you are the Queen of Birthday Parties. I love how you make each member of your family feel so special. I really admire that.
    Happy birthday to your son and I hope you are on the upswing soon!

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  10. Looks like you made it really special for him. My husband would love if I decorated like that for his birthday, he is a fellow fan of Tolkien. Did you make the Happy Birthday banner?

    *Erased my last comment because I had so many typos!

    1. Yes, Kari. I made the banner a few years ago. You can find the link to the font I used in this post:



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