Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Prayers please!

For Miss Courtney and her mama! Sweet Courtney is being admitted to the hospital and needs some urgent prayers. I've been reading Mary's blog for a while now and am completely enchanted with those blonde Shirley Temple curls and in awe of that feisty mama of hers! Mary, you will have my prayers all night long.



  1. Thank you Charlotte for directing us to her! I will be praying.

    What a beautiful testament to life and how precious it is.

    I wrote about pro-life stuff yesterday. I try to be compassionate but then I read stories like this one you've linked, (not stories, but lives) and I get mad. I get mad at those women who abort their babies. Nowadays it seems that these mothers know. They know it's a baby. They know and they abort because they can. I think I used to say to myself, "They don't know it's a baby" "They don't see the heart beating" "They don't understand" But they do. At least the stories I read yesterday.

    I went way off there....

    Praying for Courtney and her mama--put her on my google reader, will be praying now from now on!

  2. Thanks so much Charlotte. We continue to trust in God's plan for our girl. God is good ALL the time.


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