Friday, February 15, 2013

Going out of business

Our sweet friends from college along with their ten beautiful children ( Ten, right? I think it's ten. Did I miss one, Ian?), who have owned and faithfully run Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, have prayerfully decided to close their online doors. Their physical store closed a little while ago and the online store will close on February 28th. Please consider making a purchase now! Everything in stock is 20% off. And know that your purchase is helping this lovely family to close their business with as little debt as possible. Not to mention, helping you to stock up and be extra prepared for some feast days and liturgical celebrations coming up! Thanks!



  1. Thank you Charlotte. We lost our first, Bluebonnet in Dallas so we always count eleven.

  2. That explains a lot. I'm a reviewer for Tiber River and Aquinas and More supplied their products. I hadn't heard from them in awhile and thought they were super busy. They've been a blessing to me!


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