Friday, April 12, 2013

7 QT: I'm such a bad blogger...

This week I'm blaming my lack of blogging on a still nursing baby with a cold who has to frequently stop nursing in order to breathe...oh and big kids who stopped teething (and nursing) a long time ago but now need those teeth fixed. We've had oral surgeon follow-up appointments, dental appointments and braces appointments. I was ready to be done with this week at 12:45pm yesterday! So, here is what's been going on here in our down time...

The week started out oh so lovely by getting to bring dinner and dessert to our favorite missionary friends as they spent the night just outside the airport before heading back to Costa Rica at an ungodly hour of the morning. Since it was Divine Mercy Sunday, we brought them a Divine Mercy cheesecake. It was so wonderful to hug her sweet neck and chat with my dear Colleen for even the short time we had.

Cupcake is fascinated by castles and princesses right now. Thanks to a family movie night viewing of Tangled, she is kind of in love with Flynn Rider. She calls it "Big Girl Singing" and loves nothing more than to go dance to the songs with her big girls in their room. You know the character who wants to be a pianist... she calls him Turtle Dairy because his "sneer can curdle dairy". I just love it!

So, we pulled out this Discovery Kids Castle {affiliate linkwe'd been saving since I bought it after Christmas for $9. Cupcake likes it, but the big kids are having more fun coloring it than I would have expected. Fun for the whole family!


The world is blooming outside like crazy and that is playing havoc with out allergies. But it also means spring storms. I took these pictures the other day because we had a severe threat and I didn't know if the beautiful flowers would survive. It petered out and just gave us some delightful rain. I like those kind of storms.

We even had our first rose! That's how warm it's been. That's what makes the storms more severe but that's what also makes the flowers grow. (And the trees pollenate. Coughcoughsneeze.)

So, the oldest two now have braces and the middle child has a lingual arch holding a space open for a grown up tooth that we pray will come down all on it's own. The baby has a cold and Bigboy has allergies. But, this is life. Busy and full and crazy. I wouldn't trade it for anything else. The Professor was the least phased about getting his braces on while Sunshine was a little more emotional. That is until it came to eating. He has a turbo thingy that makes it impossible for his front teeth to close all the way and he's constantly frustrated by not being able to chew. Suggestions for foods he can swallow without chewing would be great.  He's so darn skinny, I worry about him not getting his usual caloric intake. I have a feeling I'm going to become an expert in making peanut butter smoothies and milkshakes. BTW... I took pictures of their new metallic smiles but I'm not posting them out of respect for their privacy.

Linking up with Jen's quick takes that are being hosted by Grace today. Jen's busy in the NICU with her little man. Prayers for them both! I wish I had more stuff to post that was less hum-drum but knowing all the excitement Jen's been having lately, maybe hum-drum isn't so bad.



  1. One doesn't fully appreciate the cost and results of braces until you are older.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! And I am glad to hear that the storm wasn't too bad after all.

    Hope you are able to find some foods for The Professor that he can enjoy.

    Twinkle Toes says "not noodles, since she could only suck on them." (I'm such a bad mom, not having enough options all the time...) She also says smoothies are really good, oatmeal, yogurt, and soups. Oh, and mashed potatoes!"

    She is also curious what color your kids choose. :)

    I love the castle! I think my children would all enjoy something like that too.

  3. The flowers *are* beautiful. We've barely got daffodils blooming--here it's been brutally cold all spring. But that's what's given us huge, much-needed amounts of rain. But the allergens are high here too.

    I can't even tell you how much sympathy/empathy I have for you on the subject of the nursing child with a cold having to breathe. Maybe I can be forgiven for posting my own post about nursing this way? Although it doesn't talk so much about the lack of breathing, but it was the heart that made it hard for her to breathe...

  4. You're not a bad blogger, you're a great wife, mother & friend! Caring for your family and your mission friends is much more important than a blog post. Sending prayers that Cupcake feels better soon. Smoothies are a great idea for The Professor. We don't have any experience with braces here, although for what it's worth, plumping up the calories with some protein powder or (sorry for the brand name reference) Carnation Instant Breakfast powder might be an idea. Prayers too for those of you suffering from allergies and also for Jen & her little one.

  5. We remember those impossible gadgets (that make eating "impossible"). Smoothies are great but can get tiresome after a bit. My 11 year old still has his in place; he cuts his food into small pieces and then places them in towards the back. It took him some time to figure what would work so that he could still enjoy a hamburger. He is a GROWING boy and the smoothies weren't filling him up :-/.

    We still try to offer him softer foods: enchiladas, fish, green smoothies, the mashed of anything potato, rice and beans....

    Prayers for Cupcake and Jen's family!


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