Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Don't just watch this...

Watch this and learn...

This Youtube video is just a snippet of the more in depth stories you can find on the Dove Real Beauty Sketches website. Watch this for yourself. Watch this for your daughters. Watch this with your daughters. Talk about what these women focused on so negatively (moles, wrinkles, freckles) that nobody else even saw. They were their own worst critics as women tend to be whether that's talking about physical features, intelligence, speaking ability or craft skills. Talk about what the strangers saw that had more to do with personality and their soul than physical features (sparkle in their eyes, friendliness, openness).


Watch this with your sons. Teach them that it's their job to help the women in their lives see the beauty they can't see. Teach them that the first way to help a young women focus on who she is and not how she looks is by focusing on who she is and not how she looks. Teach them to look for the sparkle in a woman's eye, her friendship, her faith.



  1. That was very moving. Thank you.

  2. WOW! I had tears. I probably would have described myself in such a dimmer light just as those women had. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  3. WoW! Thanks so much Charlotte. I saw this floating around on FB but didn't watch it until you posted about it. Wow! I still can't believe it. You're right, we'll watch it again and again. Thank you.

  4. Dove has done so much to bring light to this campaign. If you or someone you know needs additional resources, they can be found at Click on Articles & Advice at the bottom of the page, then click on self-esteem from the drop down menu. As a parent, read through the information first to be sure it fits your beliefs and situation; then share it with your daughter(s). I don't work for Dove, I've just known about this program for years and I'm glad others are finding it helpful.

  5. I cried through the whole dang thing. Wow, thanks for sharing. It's so very true.

  6. I'm on the post-partum body image roller coaster again and so needed this tonight. Thanks. :)


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