Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools 2013

We love having fun with our kids on April Fools. They love having fun with each other. We have rules... nothing mean and nothing destructive. Sean and I have had the tradition of coming up with a fun food based prank. This year, it was cookie pretzels!
For the past few Lents, my kids have made a joint decision to give up chips. Since they are still growing and they still need extra calories we usually buy them pretzels instead. So, before he left for work, Sean told the kids he dumped all the remaining pretzel bits into one bag and that they needed to finish up the pretzels before they tore into the chips because he didn't want any food wasted. (Wink, wink!)
I only wish I had thought to save a bag that said twists instead of dipping sticks.
Big hit! Of course they want to finish the bag now!


  1. That's hilarious! I'll bet your kids DID love this prank.

  2. Very cool. All I did for tricking was spiders. Get them every time. (but only once each) I so wanted to sticky note my husband's truck, but didn't have enough! (time or sticky notes)

  3. Those cookies are so cute! I always love the ideas you come up with for your children!


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