Thursday, April 4, 2013

{p,h,f,r} Post-Easter Sugar High


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Cabbage dyed eggs in a warm bath just before peeling. They looked so pretty I had to take a picture.

So, my kids are very happy that I've started experimenting with bread making. I've never had a good relationship with yeast breads. They never quite work for me. I've always seen them as recipes that had to be followed exactly and I'm much better with recipes that are more forgiving.
 I tried to make Auntie Leila's pita bread except that mine didn't poof.

Cupcake really didn't seem to mind. She ate two of them and the big kids used them to make mini-pizzas for lunch.
I also used The Homemade Pantry cookbook to make these hamburger buns. They tasted great and had a nice texture, but they were huge.
The picture in the cookbook showed all 8 on one cookie sheet without touching. Mine definitely touched. I was hoping that they would be on the smaller side, but my 15 year old hungryman said they were just the right size! :)

Cupcake in hiding.
She tipped her Little Reader Chair over and made a little hole for herself in the corner of our L-shaped couch. {affiliate link}


Chocolate smeared faces! Gotta love the Easter Angels!
Happy Easter everyone! Keep celebrating!


  1. Your hamburger buns look fantastic to me!! :) I'm still a novice bread maker myself! :)

  2. Happy Easter! I agree, the buns look great! I've yet to find a bun recipe I really like. Can you tell me about the eggs in the bath? Does that help them peel?

    1. We've found that hard boiled eggs that have been chilled usually peel better after having soaked for a few minutes in warm water. I don't know why, but it seems like the shells don't stick as much.

  3. Oh I used to have a hamburger bun recipe somewhere. Hmmm, well, anyway... they are so much better homemade. All bread is. I think yours looks lovely and I don't even eat the stuff anymore. lol

  4. the bread does look yummy! i've found the key to pita bread is just a hot oven...simple, simple!

  5. My pitas never puff and my hamburger buns are always twice the size of the burger! I think the second rise is the trouble. Too long -- I always forget about them!

  6. Awesome blue easter eggs. So you used cabbage? How did you do it? My sister in law and mother in law used onion peels and their eggs turned out a lovely shade of red. I wouldn't mind trying some natural dyes next year. The eggs just looks so much more natural and pretty!

    1. Kayleena,
      You can find all of my past posts on our natural dyed eggs here. This year, we used cabbage and onion skins but in years past we've also included coffee, turmeric and different teas.


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