Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quick question...

I know it's summer time and nobody is reading blogs out there because everyone is out frolicking in the sunshine. But just on the off chance that someone might be reading this (because it's too stinking hot as certain times of the day and air conditioning is the only thing keeping you sane)...

...have any of your homeschool mamas used or heard of the Excellence in Literature program for 8th-12th grades?

I stumbled across the American Literature and the British Literature when I was perusing the IEW website and I must say that I am very intrigued. Check out the sample pages! I'd love to hear some feedback if anyone has any.


  1. Charlotte
    Reading here:) We have the British Lit and I began using it with my older teens but... like many of my great ideas they don't always come to fruition (oh for enthusiastic children ) Oh and we began first with the Windows to the World, loved it, until we lost our copy:(

  2. I'm reading but I've never used it. It looks interesting!

  3. Regarding British Lit., have you read "English Literature for Boys and Girls" by H.E. Marshall? It's republished by several groups. My kids really enjoyed it.

  4. Oh, and Lingua Mater Americana from Hillside Education.

  5. Listening in because I've seen those and am curious about them. I got my set of Jr Classics, by the way. Squeeee!


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