Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!

To Saint John the Baptist!!! And to me.

We went to Mass this morning and then settled in for a nice relaxing day with ice cream sundaes on the menu for dessert. Why ice cream sundaes? Because it's stinking hot and humid to boot. And because the ice cream gods in Brenham, TX created this:
Seriously, folks. If you have not tried it yet, get in your car now and drive to the closest store that sells it. If that happens to mean you cross a few state lines to get there... it's worth it.

And hey... you know who has a birthday coming up soon? Well, actually, quite a few people do (Hi, Barbara!), but I'm thinking specifically of Miss Dwija (don't act all surprised, Dweej, of course you are a June baby... we are the coolest!) If you don't know Dwija, she's a super fun lady who is trying to grow a baby despite tremendous stress and anxiety and oh yeah... just a couple of serious medical complications. Miss Cari of Clan Donaldson fame is hosting a fundraiser to help Dwija and her family and since we want to help out as much as we can, we are spreading the word far and wide and asking you to do the same thing.

So if you want to give me a gift, or give her a gift, or just feel like being generous and Christlike to a total stranger, head over there and give a little something. If you are not able to give even a smidge, I know that prayers would be welcome for Dwija and Baby B and then help spread the word around! Share it, tweet it, shout it from the rooftop. Thanks! Now, go have some ice cream! It's a solemnity!!!



  1. I cried a little when I saw the Bluebell Ice cream. I grew up in Texas now live in Nebraska where there isn't a drop of Bluebell. How do these people live without "the best ice cream in the country"?! Poor people, poor me!

    Love your blog. Many prayers for Dwija.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Somehow I missed the fundraiser announcement, so thank you for linking to it!

    Happy birthday, Charlotte!

  3. Happy birthday, sweet friend! June babies unite :D

  4. Oh Bluebell, how I miss you! So tell me about Homemade in the Shade. What am I missing?
    Very happy birthday, Charlotte.

    1. Oh Melanie! It is perfect in it's simplicity! Homemade vanilla with the perfect ratio of fudge swirled throughout.

    2. Is it different than their usual chocolate swirl? Or is it just re-branding of the flavor? I forget what the name of it is-- chocolate sundae maybe?-- but whatever you call it, the vanilla with fudge swirl has always been my favorite.

    3. I think it is different, Melanie. I remember the chocolate swirl being a thin swirl, but this is more of a thick dark fudgey swirl.

  5. Happy Birthday and yes..get the news out for Dwija.


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