Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Did you have a good day? We had a nice, quiet day at home. We watched the Capitol Fourth show on PBS. Did you? It's become an entertaining tradition. My kids were completely amazed that Barry Manilow could sing without moving his cheeks. A true blue miracle of modern science, I tell ya! I tried to explain that he is quite a respected musician but hearing him start singing "I've been alive forever..." and then "I can't smile... without you" really didn't help. They were rolling on the floor laughing. Then, later, when I was singing along to the Neil Diamond songs (like my mama taught me), I hear my oldest seated behind me say, "I notice it's all the older people singing along." Thanks, kid!

Here are some more scenes from our fourth...

 The three middles painted their own shirts. The Professor wasn't up for it this year plus he was helping out his Dad with the rebuilding of a computer.
 BigBoy's shirt
 Sunshine's sweet heart shirt
Shortcake's shirt was inspired by the awesome pillow designs over at Heart Felt Design. She calls it "American Ninja".
 Cupcake's shirt looks a lot like her onesie from last year. We thought about doing something different, but she's still our little cupcake and she outgrew that onesie pretty fast. Color (un)coordinated leggings courtesy of her colorblind daddy.
These strawberries were favorites last year so we made them again...
 ...along with some edible sparklers!
 And since there was ice cream in the freezer, we made some of Jessica's colorful cones.

We finished up the evening with a reading of the Declaration of Independence and an explanation of what it meant and what it still means today. It was a lovely day.


  1. I would like just one little nibble of the Cupcake, please. :)

  2. You tell those youngins that the old people are the ones who really know how to sing, even if they might be a little past their prime (and even then sound better than a lot of new artists) . If I had to listen to the New Year's Rockin' Eve crowd on the Fourth, I would have to find a new country! ;-)

  3. The shirts look great! I enjoy seeing what your kids come up with each year. We did shirts too - the kids saw plain colored shirts on sale in May and thought of the 4th of July shirts... So I would say the tradition is a hit around here!

  4. You are always an inspiration for celebrations!!! :)

  5. Ah! Your strawberries look SO MUCH PRETTIER than mine! LOL I need to link back to yours so folks will see what I mean :)

  6. I love everything about this post! The creative t-shirts, the fun desserts, the pink leggings, the commentary during the show, and especially that first picture of Cupcake! So glad you all had a nice day!


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