Friday, July 5, 2013

7QT: It's Friday?

It is Friday? Seriously? How did that happen? Curse you mid-week holiday! Well, not really, because it was such a nice day but today is not shaping up to be a repeat. There is some serious crabbiness going on around here! I thought taking everyone to Mass this morning would help and it did a little bit. Now that we are back home though... everyone just wants to take a nap. Might have to see what we can do about that. Vegging out in front of a movie sounds like a good idea! Suggestions?

So, I was reading Miss Jessica's 7QT this morning and thinking that my little Cupcake could totally challenge her Jill in a Battle of Wills Throwdown but then I read the part about "BURSTING BLOOD VESSELS IN HER FACE AND VOMITING".
Um... that takes serious commitment. Cupcake has flailed on the floor kicking her legs and banging her head. She has screamed like a banshee and threatened to burst our eardrums. But thank goodness she hasn't figured out how to trigger that gag reflex.

In fact, Cupcake's latest fits have been concluded with a very heartfelt, "I sorry" which we still haven't figured out if she's saying to us in apology for her fit or if she's trying to get us to say to her. She's so much like my oldest in that way. She comes up to me and says, "Do you want a graham cracker?" to which I respond questioningly, "Do you want a graham cracker?" checking to make sure I heard her correctly to which she responds back, "Oh, bank you!" with this tone of voice that says, "Thanks, Mom, what a good idea!" And it cracks me up every time!

 For a while now, she has been punctuating most minor fits of temper with a very emphatic phrase that sounds like "Stop Callin' Me!" We aren't quite sure where she picked this up or if that is even what she is actually saying. Husband asked if I've been dealing with an unusual amount of telemarketers lately.

And to show Jessica how much I really do feel for her, I give her this...


Did you read Auntie Leila's post about whether or not children should be left to range freely when it comes to their reading? I know I mentioned it before but just in case you didn't go read it, here's another chance. Can you guess how I feel about this? The lady knows what she's talking about... just look at her beautiful, intelligent, well-adjusted adult children! This post really spoke to me because it provided confirmation that our way of doing things is a good way and encouragement to continue. I've always previewed anything I wasn't sure about that the kids picked up from the library and helped the kids discern what was really worth reading. BTW... recommendations from the librarian only work if the librarian shares your standards of good reading material!
A while ago, Sunshine was interested in reading the Sisters Grimm series. She started to become uncomfortable with some of the behavior and plot lines. She made the decision, with our counsel, to not finish the series. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this series, but she was not pleased with certain aspects of it and she had the maturity to make the best decision for her. I like to see that in my children and I like to think that all these years of helping them discern worthwhile reading choices has contributed to that.

What I really liked about what Auntie Leila said in the post I linked to above is her reasonableness. She doesn't say that you can't have fluff. I've never much cared for the term "twaddle". I prefer to call them popcorn books. Popcorn is good for a treat or a snack but my kids don't like it too often because it gets stuck in their teeth and isn't really all that satisfying. Jessica prefers to call those kinds of books "Marshmallows". What's a marshmallow book? She says...
Marshmallow books are frequently, but not always, poorly written. They have weak plots, and even weaker protagonists. The main message of a marshmallow book is usually so diluted, water looks thicker. A typical marshmallow theme is "being nice," "having fun," or "finding romance."
You wouldn't let your child live on a steady diet of marshmallows or popcorn but the occasional indulgence isn't going to ruin them forever either.

Now, those of you with little ones who like to grab as many picture books as they can carry out of the library and who don't have time to peruse them all before getting saddled with taking them home, don't worry. It's hard to go really wrong with a picture book. Picture books don't really have themes. Subjects... sure and some subjects are better than others. Kids don't usually get invested in a picture book. But if you happen to get a bad one, it's pretty easy to slip it back in the library bag and return it without it's absence even being noticed.


Lastly, you still have time to go shower some love on Sarah and those baby boys she's growing. Click on the chubby little toesies pictured above and go get a chance to win a fabulous prize!

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  1. I really loved Auntie Leila's post, too! It gave me so much encouragement to keep doing what we're doing and ignore the modern philosophizers. It's children like hers (and yours!) that give me hope that the choices that we as parents make DO matter so very much.

    There must be something in the air because it is crankville over here today, too. Self included :)

    Thanks so much for linking to the shower!


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