Thursday, August 29, 2013

{phfr} The almost TWO edition!


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This doesn't look pretty to you? Well, that's because it's only begun in this picture. I've already finished it and I love it! What is it? It's a very special birthday surprise for my sweet little Cupcake who turns TWO this coming Monday! Yep. It's her Golden Birthday and we are giving her the moon and the stars!

This little girl is most happy when she's outside (even if it's just outside of the dentist's office) and when she's busy. Playing hide and seek, coloring pictures, reading her books. She loves stacking things... blocks, books, pretty ribbons, whatever!

Uh oh, Mama! He's upside down!
I wearing Mama's shoes!
Oh, she's such a funny girl! She talks CONSTANTLY and is always cracking us up with her silliness. Her teeth don't seem to be bothering her as much which is good and so far, she's handled the naptime weaning just fine. We are still nursing at bedtime but I've even noticed that she's not falling completely asleep while nursing anymore.

 So, I wanted to make her some little kitchen mitts and potholders. The potholders turned out fine but the kitchen mitt was too small. Well, it fits her right now but won't for long. I'm going to revamp my design and try again. I didn't use a pattern or a tutorial, just kind of did my own thing. That probably accounts for the 50% success/failure rate.
 Have a great rest of the week and an especially lovely long weekend (if you get to have one). We will be celebrating our sweet Cupcake on Monday so I'm sure I'll be back later with tons of pictures. Bye now!


  1. She SO sweet! And the pot holders and mitt look adorable! You are so creative. I love the "home made" gifts so much better than store bought. Wish I could so's on my bucket list.

  2. So precious! I can't wait to see her bday party! I love the idea.


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