Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to School Celebration

Technically, we started school about a month ago, but I like to make sure we have a little back to school celebration sometime at the beginning of the year. This year it was today! (Tomorrow we are off celebrating Cupcake's second birthday!) Here are a few pics to help me remember these days in the future…
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Because of all the orthodontia in the house, I opted to make Jessica's Rolo pencils with mini M&M tubes instead. They worked great! Inside the bags were bags of cookies that said "You are one smart cookie!" and a little fun surprise for each of them: a shield keychain with angel wings and the word "Protect" for The Professor who has his learner's permit and will be learning to drive this year (please protect him, please protect him!), rose stationery for Sunshine who loves to write notes, a new blank journal for Shortcake who loves to write stories and draw pictures and a pop-up booklight for BigBoy along with some Brain Quest trivia cards.

He liked this picture best because he says it looks like he doesn't have braces anymore. He still does.

My beautiful green eyed girl!

My beautiful bohemian princess!

This guy is still my Loverlove and cracks me up!

She was very much not into this photo shoot but she liked getting a bag of treats! OK, so the baby isn't really doing any "school work" although she sure is learning a lot these days. She knows all the letters of the alphabet (in ASL too!) and can count to ten in order skipping only the number 6. I don't know what she has against the number six. 

Here are my big kids getting ready to get back to the business of learnin'!


  1. All such beautiful children! Love that handsome young man. And I would so love to get to know those big girls!

  2. Seeing these photos of your very sweet looking kids I found myself wishing that I could introduce them to mine! Happy New School Year!!

  3. Such a wonderful group of kids. You can see the happiness shining from their faces. How blessed you are. Mine are all grown and gone. I would trade you I a heartbeat! I miss those homeschool days. :-)

  4. We've been dipping our toes in the schoolin' waters but "officially" start back up tomorrow. Gulp.

    That means making the schultutes today, or in family lingo, the "tooter poopers." Did I ever tell you the story behind that one? The guy at Walmart asked the girls if they were excited for school. "No, but I'm excited about the tooter poopers," Camille responded. The guy just stared.

    Happy Back to School! Love that little pre-pre-school gal and her mysterious aversion to the Number 6!

  5. PS. Can I borrow that mug of sharpened pencils? I can't seem to find mine.

  6. How sweet to give gifts at the beginning of the school year. You have beautiful children!

  7. Beautiful kids. Love that little girl. She sure is a sweet-pea!

  8. Oh, your beautiful, beautiful family! Thank you so much for giving us a little glimpse into your life. :)

  9. What a great looking bunch you have there! Methinks your bohemian princess looks rather elvish in that picture, and the look on Cupcake's face is priceless. Such a blessed family you have. Hooray for a new school year!

  10. Gorgeous kids! God bless your school year Charlotte! I wonder why she has a problem with six. What did six ever do to her? ;) So cute!


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