Monday, September 30, 2013

Month of the Holy Rosary :: Weekly Family Rosary

For all of you who admired the St. Michael statue that was pictured here yesterday, here is where you can find it {affiliate link}. It's more expensive now than it was in 2010. There are some others {affiliate linkto choose from too. The Professor has specifically requested a statue of St. Michael that looked more masculine than the other ones he had seen. This one definitely looks the part!

This morning, a conversation on FB got me thinking about October coming up but it still felt off in the distance until I read Fr. Jerabek's post for today. Surprise! October is tomorrow! Where did September go?

Anyway, I wanted to link to Father's post because a) he totally gets me when it comes to praying the Rosary:
The rosary is not an easy prayer – for some (like me), at least. For some of us it takes a lot of practice, and even then, we regularly find ourselves distracted and thinking of other things. “Hail Mary, full of grace….Gosh, I’ve got to clip my fingernails….the Lord is with thee….Oh look! Something shiny!….Blessed art though among women….Look at all that dust on that shelf. Someone should really clean that….and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus….Oh, what mystery is this? I was distracted again!…..”
And b) he's got some great information linked in there. Go click around. He's such an awesome priest!

I left a comment on his post that I wanted to share here too. I know I've mentioned it before, but I thought I would mention it again for anyone who might have missed it. The way we introduced our children to the family rosary was by doing what we called the "Weekly Family Rosary". When my oldest three were a lot smaller than they are now (3 under 3 and then 4 under 6) and praying a whole rosary seemed like a battle more than peaceful prayer time, we started praying the rosary this way. On Sunday, we’d pray the opening prayers. The first mystery and first decade were prayed on Monday followed by the second on Tuesday and on and on until we reached the fifth mystery and fifth decade on Friday and then Saturday night we recited the Hail Holy Queen and the other closing prayers. It was a great way to introduce the kids to the entire rosary but not make them feel like we were overwhelming them with a full rosary every night (which is sometimes very hard for the 3, 2 and not yet 1 crowd to handle). It was also a great way to teach them to learn the individual mysteries and not just memorize them in a list. Anyway, it’s just a suggestion for those who might be in that same season of life with lots of little ones. We still sometimes pray this way because Miss Cupcake is very impatient when it comes to night time prayers. 

Also, here is a link to the Catholic Cuisine Edible Rosary link-up from a few years ago and a link to my coloring page for Our Lady of the Rosary.

Do you have any special plans this month?

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  1. Our Sunday is family rosary night. And gosh darn, I need to find something for Miss C to do to keep her occupied. Her antics this past Sunday had the entire family utterly distracted throughout the prayers. I felt more frustrated than ever. I need to be better prepared this coming weekend. Have a wonderful month dedicated to the Rosary!!


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