Thursday, September 26, 2013

{p,h,f,r} Long Sleeved edition


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 Our weather has been delightful in the mornings and not-too-terrible come afternoon. I think today we are back up in the high 90's but then we should have another cooler spell. It means more clothing changes, but I don't care! Long sleeves... here were come!
 See those boots? She picked them out. She told her Daddy, "No shoes... boots!" How could he refuse?
A friend in our homeschool group sent us a link to this website which talked about the phenomenon of "ballooning" after seeing lots of these gossamer strings flying around the other morning. I saw one on my way to the Farmer's Market and had no idea what it was until I saw her link. My first thought was how poetic and romantic it was until I thought, um... FLYING SPIDERS?!?

 Cappuccino mousse...
 ...for the feast of our favorite Capuchin!
I'm very happy to be delighting my family with some fun treats. Last week, our homeschool teen book club was discussing Peter and the Starcatchers {affiliate linkso I made some star pops {affiliate linkand some Black Stache pops {affiliate link}. For a minute, I worried that teens would be "too cool" for silly stuff like chocolate mustaches.
There was only one left at the end of the night. Kids are still kids at heart.

One little (funny) monkey jumping on the bed...

Thankfully, she did not fall off and bump her head! 

Someone has been playing with the LEGO picture app on my phone.


  1. It still makes me smile every time I think of Cupcake requesting boots! That's my Goddaughter! :)

    1. I told you! All of my children have "inherited" something from their godparents. Her love of blowing out candles and boots from you guys! :)

    2. Ha! Blowing out candles! That's from her fire-fighting Godfather! I love it! Her love of coffee must come from both of us! ;)

    3. Though it could be from anyone here, since all the kids love blowing out candles, and I always insist on using the correct number, even if it means it might set off a fire alarm ;)

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  3. Regarding "Peter and the Starcatchers," particularly if you and/or your readers are considering seeing the show, which is currently on tour: I saw the show (had not read the book) in La Jolla, CA, during its first production in 2009. The staging was minimal, but, with the integration of innovative choreography, was well- done. However, the character of Black Stache was over-the-top and flamboyant; he definitely had a gay undertone, particularly the part where he reached into the pants of another male character to retrieve a key. I forget the comment his character made when he did it, but I was disgusted that the action and comment were in a show that one would think was for children. Just because children might not have fully understood the action and comment doesn't mean that somewhere in their subconscious they weren't registering both as being normal and acceptable. (Silly me, I forget that children aren't allowed to be children anymore!)

    Now, shows change greatly from first staging to final product on Broadway/Off-Broadway, so perhaps that character has been toned down and the pocket part is gone. But I just wanted to give you and your readers fair warning in case anyone had plans to see the show, that it might have some overt sexual inferences you don't want. For the record, any show to which I would take children would have to be free of all sexual references, gay, straight and whatever else is out there. Some things need to be left sacred for kids. Adults, too. Sigh.


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