Thursday, October 10, 2013

{p,h,f,r} October 10

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 You are never too old to get your face painted!
My beautiful big girls! I spied them from the kitchen window sitting on the porch swing talking like sisters tend to do.

 The previous pictures were taken while we were back at our Alma Mater for their Family Day kick off to Charity Week. Sean had an errand to run with a friend's son who is a freshman there this year so the kids and I hung out and enjoyed the fun. The big girls got their faces painted just for fun (and charity!) but the littlest one was having none of it. We did buy her a couple of balloons which she was delighted with and she LOVED the Braniff water fountain. It was one of my favorite places too, Cupcake!

 This little girl was so silly when she wanted to count (not eat) the chocolate roses and tried to keep her Daddy from stealing some!
And she loves to put on everyone else's shoes. These would be her big brother's giant tennis shoes. The two books {affiliate linksthat are lying off to the side are also her big brother's but I think he's cleaned them up by now. Or at least relocated them. It's rare to see them alone like this because they are usually attached to him in some way or another.

Um...anyone know what this is? It's growing from a vine (?) or branch that is coming over our back fence. I don't think the people behind us have a garden or anything so I'm not quite sure what this is or how it got there. Thoughts, ideas? Just curious.


  1. Great post! Cupcake looks so happy outside with the water fountain! Um....I have no idea what that kinda looks like some sort of squash. Maybe you should ask your neighbors?

  2. Sunshine and Shortcake are so beautiful. I just love their face paintings! :) The pictures of Cupcake are too cute. <3

  3. It looks to me like some sort of pea pod ... but the leaves don't seem to match that assessment? I'm not an expert at all, though. Very curious! And beautiful pictures :)

  4. That picture looks like a seed pod from a trumpet vine. I have those coming over, under, and around my fence on two sides of my yard. It is an invasive vine, if it is trumpet vine. I've been working for 7 years to keep it out of my yard.

  5. I love the picture of the sisters talking. Such a sweet, candid moment.
    Big Family Small Farm

  6. Braniff fountain! One of my favorite spots. Right on, Cupcake.

    I love all the pictures.


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