Thursday, October 17, 2013

{p,h,f,r} October 17

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Sunshine is almost finished with her test knitting project. Since I took this picture, she's sewed on buttons. Once it finishes being blocked (does it sound like I know what I'm talking about because I totally don't!), she tells me it will be ready for Cupcake to wear! Perfect timing since our temps just dropped recently.

The other day Cupcake woke up and asked for muffins and hot tea for breakfast. As you wish! It made her very happy.

The Professor took the PSAT yesterday. He's only a sophomore so this was just for practice. It required us to drop him off at the private Christian school down the road. That was the first time in almost 16 years of parenthood that we had dropped a kid off at school. Yeah... I had a moment. And I wasn't even the one dropping him off! He had a lot of test anxiety. A sweet friend's comment on FB inspired me to leave this sitting on his seat when I picked him up...
Harry: And did either of you two, you know, pass out? 
Ron: No... I felt weird though, like I'd never be cheerful again.

He was definitely more cheerful afterwards!

Today I woke up at 4am and after an hour of tossing and turning and not falling back to sleep, I got up and started painting the hallway. It's done now. I'm tired. My hands hurt. That is all.

P.S. We are in project mode right now and I had planned to paint the hallway today but did not intend to start that early. I am not normally this productive at that hour. 


  1. Love, love, love the color of that sweater and oh my did she do a great job!! My littlest likes tea in the morning too and has since she was tiny. So sweet.

    So the painting, was there a plan to paint or did you just figure you were up anyway so why not paint the hallway? I am having more and more of those types of nights unfortunately. Old age is creeping up on me but you are much younger I think. Well at least the hallway is painted now right? :)

    1. Oh it was on the To Do List for today. I just didn't plan to start at 5:30am. Thankfully, I'm not having too many of those nights yet, but I think I am prone to them and will probably have more as I get older (turning 40 next year, I think). Michele... you are faaaaaaaar from old age!

  2. That sweater is lovely! At least you got the painting done. I can't seem to ever get started. I can't find a paint stick. Seriously. And that is what is holding me up. :)

  3. Wow 4am painting! I'm totally impressed.

    My older one took her PSAT yesterday too. This was her second go around; we had her test as a sophomore too. I will tell you that having taken the test last year took the TOTAL edge off this year. She walked in like it was no big deal. It's an exciting time for them, such big tests and what they 'can' mean for them. I perhaps needed a dose of chocolate and words of encouragement from Prof. Lupin LOL

  4. The sweater is absolutely beautiful. She is definitely gifted in the knitting department!
    I'm so happy all of our kids are done with college. It's a nail biter to be sure. They were home-schooled and private schooled at our church until college so it was difficult to see them go "into the big, bad world". However, they all excelled. One is a nurse. One is a teacher/translator. One is a computer systems analyst for the state. Obviously, homeschooling CAN work!
    Congratulations on the next big step Mama.

  5. I've not been sleeping well lately either - but painting that early, your a marvel! I tend to surf the web, I feel like such a slacker now.
    My 16 year old also to the PSAT yesterday and we have 2 more tests for the 18 year old later this month.
    The Martimas sweater turned out so well, I really love it and am eager to make one too!

  6. Your daughter did a fantastic job!

    I'm impressed at your early morning energy. I'd be afraid I'd wake up the sleepers. I love that quiet time ALONE in the morning.

  7. I replied on this days ago and it didn't work. I hate reading posts on my iPad because my comments never work.

    Oh yeah, where was I?

    That sweater is amazing!! She has done a fabulous job and the color is going to be fabulous on Cupcake. I love the candy bar idea too. I wish I had thought of it years ago!

    I am bad about painting. I just can't let it sit. I have to get it done. And then I don't want to think about it anymore! Hope you go some rest!

  8. Sunshine did an incredible job on that sweater! She's an excellent knitter.

    I remember you said once that she would like to own a sweater she knit herself. I'm not sure how old she is, but A Cardigan for Arwen (modified so the body is knit all in one piece) would probably be a good project for her. Since it's a rather loose cardi and the sleeves are knit rather long, if she knit it with a longer body, she would have growing room for a while.

    I knit mine in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes which was very affordable, and it's wonderful. I'd be happy to contribute my notes on the pattern modifications and help size the pattern down for her, if it needs it.


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