Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Etsy love… check out the new widget!

Psssssst… The widget? It's over there - - - - - - - - - -> My new Etsy store!

Spicy Miss Jessica was asking for favorite Etsy shops last week so I thought I would post some of mine here and see if anyone has more to add.

Please don't hate me when I say I'm done with my Christmas shopping. I am obsessive like that. Sorry. It's just the way God made me. There are maybe a few things to pick up locally but for the most part, the major stuff is taken care of. This year, I tried to find as much as I could first on Etsy. I LOVE ETSY! I know you do too. It's amazing the incredibly talented artists that you can find there.

First stop, The Fig and Thimble:

This is the shop run by Kimberlee's children, you know, when they are not publishing novels or professionally illustrating picture books. In their spare time, they make delightful little things like original watercolor bookmarks and medieval hoods to sell.

Next is this sweet little toy shop located in the hill country of Texas, Hill Country Woodcraft:


Beautiful toys, baby gifts and personalized too! Can I tell you how much I love their stick horses, especially the ones with colorful yarn hair?! Adorable! You know, the one thing that annoys me about Etsy is that sometimes you find something beautiful and then find out it ships from Lithuania or the Ukraine. Grrrrrr argh. Well, never fear, because Hill Country Woodcraft is located in the great state of Texas and ships, well… from the Texas Hill Country. If you don't know what that is, I'm sorry. So very, very sorry.

But then again, sometimes the Etsy gods show you something so beautiful that you drool over it and your eyes are so thankful to have lighted upon it that you don't care if it's in Ireland because it's so gorgeous you keep going back to look at it and try to study it to see if there is anyway you could even come close to reproducing something so exquisite (you can't)… In fact, you aren't even sure that you want to post a link to it for fear that someone will buy it and you won't be able to gaze upon it anymore. Sigh. Since this is the only listing Ailish has right now in her shop, I suggest you follow this talented lady from Cork, Ireland because when she posts more, you are gonna want to know!

And speaking of following people, if you follow this here little blog, you might also want to follow my brand spanking new Etsy shop that just opened, um… like yesterday. It's called Waltzing Matilda Makes…. So, what does Waltzing Matilda make? Not sure right now, just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I have no big plans for it immediately. But I like the idea of having a place to offer some extras from the fun we have making over here (quilties, dolls, decorations) and maybe a place for Sunshine to offer some of her hand knitted creations eventually (she's totally stoked about that idea). There are only a couple of little items in there right now but I'm working on a few more. I'd love to know what you think of the shop and what things you might like to see offered there in the future. I make no promises!

Other wonderful Etsy places:
Time Machine Jewelry for your favorite Doctor Who fans!

And these cute little name puzzles by sugargliderwoodworks


  1. Yay! Thanks for sharing! I had to keep clicking on that post and then the comments to find your rec's then I'd have to start all over again to find the next one. This is so much easier.

  2. I'm so glad you opened your Etsy Shop!! Exciting!

  3. LOVE it! Will you take custom orders? I'm already thinking ahead for children, godchildren, sacraments..... ;)

    1. Lindsay, I'm not sure. Send me an email when you want to discuss it. I guess it depends. I kind of had thought about doing just a storefront of things I had already made, like the little figures I posted which were extras from some seasonal crafting.

  4. Oh I wish I has seen that Doctor Who shop before I finished shopping for the big girls! Well, there is always birthdays!


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