Thursday, November 21, 2013

{phfr} Late Autumn Edition


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Some of our trees have just recently noticed that it's supposed to be Fall around here. Better late than never!


Just a few things that have been keeping my big kids happy: scones with (Mock) Devonshire Cream to take to a book club featuring P.G. Wodehouse's Code of the Woosters, Ninja Vs. Ninja {affiliate linksa surprise hit from the birthday party last week (lots of fun, quick little game of strategy), and homemade peppermint mochas on chilly mornings.

 How Latin gets done around here...
…and math too!

For Jennifer D. who asked for more information on how to make these and who I totally flaked on. I meant to post this last week but didn't. I'm real sorry. (That sentence is only grammatically correct in Texas.) And I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures. I was making them very early in the morning in a dark kitchen.
To make the ninja stars:
First, I mixed up some brown sugar and some cinnamon in a bowl. You could add raisins too but my kids don't like raisins so I left them out. Then you take two rectangles of crescent roll dough and lightly smash the dashed line to reattach it. 
Using my pizza cutter, I cut short diagonal lines in each corner. That makes four triangles attached in the center.

This picture is a little backwards. Look at the one on the right first. Fold over one corner of the triangle into the center of the rectangle. Then fold over the same corner on each other triangle. You want to create a pinwheel shape.  Smush down the center so that they don't come apart during baking.

Hope that helps!


  1. Thank you for the pinwheel tutorial, um I mean Ninja Stars. Great PHFR!

  2. Looks like Cupcake helps with school the way my youngest helps her big sister do her work. It must be a two year old thing.

  3. Homemade peppermint mochas make me ever so happy too! wish you were here so we could sit and have one together. When are you coming to Oregon again??? HUH?

  4. I love looking out our upstairs windows at the beautiful maple starting to turn red. I feel like I am living inside a piece of children's literature :). Sweet pics of cupcake and her siblings :)

  5. Oh! I love the pictures with Cupcake! Homeschool Classic! (reminds me of an oldie of Josiah with a partially finished maille coif on his head, reading a knight book with baby Kateri on his lap) So much sibling love shines in those two shots!

  6. Thanks so much! I think I can whip these out this weekend, he will be thrilled. I also used your idea to paint ninja pegs and the kids are so excited to get them for the party:) thanks again!!!

    1. I made them cheesy/ golden shurekins for our lego ninja party- huge hit!


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