Thursday, November 14, 2013

{phfr} Post-Birthday Edition


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Sunshine gifted her sister with these handmade, bamboo patterned, fingerless gloves for her birthday. They are very pretty!

Cupcake was so enthralled by our little ninja family yesterday and so good about not touching them (mostly) that I decided to paint her a set that she could actually touch. She was VERY happy!

Everyone always tells me that Cupcake looks like her daddy. I've seen it, but never as clearly as in these two pictures. Her latest thing is to say that everything is "right there, on the corner".

"Cupcake, where is your sippy cup?"
It's right there, on the corner.
(Pointing to the middle of the fireplace hearth, not the corner.)

"Cupcake, where is the Curious George book?"
It's right there, on the corner.
(Pointing to the middle of the couch, not the corner.)

"Cupcake, where is your diaper?"
It's right there, on the corner.

What do you get when your finger slips and you miss the blowout shot?
Yup. Nothing.
Good night all!


  1. Sunshine did a beautiful job on the mitts! And the ninjas for Cupcake are adorable. I can't believe how much her hair has grown since I last saw her!

  2. The fingerless gloves are just beautiful, I love the Ninjas and I can't begin to count the times I've missed the 'blowout' shot. The candle shot is lovely though!

  3. Beautiful mitts, Sunshine! Those ninjas are too cute (I like the Professor's glasses under his mask :) What is the Bigboy ninja holding?

    1. Miss Katie, I was waiting for someone to ask about that! He's holding an egg. At first, we thought it would be a dinosaur egg because he's always had a little fascination with dinosaurs. Then he pointed out that it could also be a dragon egg! So, we're gonna let him decide which it is, but either/or, it's very him!

    2. Oh, cool! :) (by the way, the pink ninja's knitting was a dead giveaway- - that just HAS to be Sunshine! :D

  4. Those ninja dolls are awesome!


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