Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Coming soon...

Pretty new dishcloths!!! I know… total domestic freak right here. I couldn't decide which color I liked better so I picked up one of each. That would be Lily brand Sugar n' Cream in Moondance on the left and Hippie on the right. I like to make a simple seed stitch dish cloth. The other ones I made lasted over two years of near daily use. But they are nowhere near as pretty anymore. Time for some new ones.

So, people usually talk about what they are reading while working on their fiber art, but I just can't read and crochet at the same time. Maybe it's because I have to look at where I'm inserting my hook. I prefer to have something going in the background like a movie or a show. "Bonnet dramas" are my favorite because I love to listen to the wonderful language and beautiful music usually accompanying the action but anything will do. Just not something I need to focus on visually or mentally too much.

I was recently introduced by a dear friend to this version of Sense and Sensibility {affiliate linkand oh my… I think it just might be my new favorite! Yes, that means moving the Emma Thompson version down a peg. First of all, for all you Downton fans… Matthew Crawley as Edward! And for all you Harry Potter fans… Mr. Weasley as Sir John Middleton! And… any Doctor Who fans in the house? Jackson Lake!!! Ok, he might be a little obscure, but he does a fabulous job as Colonel Brandon, as good (maybe even better) than dear Alan Rickman. I can't believe I just typed that. I feel like such a traitor but I'm trying to be honest here.

***Word of caution… the opening scene is a rather intimate scene not written in the book but alluded to between Colonel Brandon's ward and Willoughby. I plan on skipping to about 1:08 minutes in when I show my girls. Not graphic, but just not appropriate for them.

So, how about you? Are you like me and prefer listening while leisurely crafting? What are you watching and working on right now? What are you whipping up and whistling too?


  1. Crocheted dishcloths will always remind me of my grandmother! I actually ordered some from Kimberlee's kids last year and it's so nice to have them again. I love the colors you choose. Very pretty!

    I am going to have to watch that version of S&S. It sounds great!

  2. The girls and I just finished the final episode of Lark Rise this afternoon…and I have about 10 inches to go on Peter's second sweater sleeve. I need to watch this production of Sense and Sensibility. Sounds wonderful!

  3. I think Blogger just ate my comment, but it might be set for moderation. This is a test comment, just to be sure :/

  4. Okay - now I know, sorry to clutter up your combox!
    My original and now eaten comment had to do with betraying Colonel Brandon/Alan Rickman, and deciding I'll watch them both. My boys won't mind, haha!
    My favorite dish clothes were also the ones I knitted, and your in good company as a domestic freak - I actually read parts of Home Comforts for fun.

  5. Pretty colors. Thanks for the tip on the new version.

  6. ooohh, now I have my nightly 'mom relaxing before bed' viewing!!

  7. Oh I can't craft and read either! Have you ever heard of CraftLit? It is an app. I just downloaded it. Audio books for crafters apparently, lol.


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