Friday, December 20, 2013

Phone Photo Friday

Or should that be Phriday? That looks weird… how about Pfriday? Maybe I'll make it a link up!!! Hah!!  :) 

Anyway, I got nothing else. I couldn't come up with 7 anything right now, not even 7 pictures apparently, so I'm just doing another IG dump. Today has just been one headache after another. It started last night when the oven was preheating and The Professor walked up and said, "Why is the oven sparking?" Sure enough, the heating element had melted and part of it was glowing and sparking. Garlic Chicken Pasta quickly became just pasta for dinner. The only bright spot of the day today was getting to drop off a dear friend's son at the airport so that he can make his way back to his sweet mama until next semester! Anyway, here is a dump of pictures from my phone. Happy Friday!

*UPDATE: Second bright spot, my husband, who worked a 70 hour week for the second time this month, came home early-ish today and fixed the oven in time for dinner prep! He is amazing! He also bathes babies and makes fantastic chocolate chip cookies in his spare time. And he's all mine!!!

 O Key of David… chocolate keys for dessert! {affiliate link}
 Our Wise Men decided to study up on the O Antiphons a little… wise men indeed! Although, the kids said it kind of looked they were in cubicles. Maybe that's just because Dad's been putting in a lot of hours lately!
 # no filter…This is honestly what our sunset looked like last night! Advent perfection, as Miss Kelly said. 
 Um, Wise Men, those guys are on a different kind of quest.
Last night, we had root beer with dinner for O Root of Jesse because we really are that cheesy.


  1. We had 'root' vegetables in our Minestrone and I called it good - was that stretching it or what??? I love the root beer idea and hope we remember it for next year.

  2. The girls told me your oven's back in working order. yay!

  3. Here I thought Kelly got all the gorgeous sunsets. They have them in TX too?

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous sunset! And I am so enjoying the Playmobil Wise Men photos on your blog and on Jessica's. My kids really like them too! Maybe they'll do it next year.

  5. I must show my boys the Wise Men on a different kind of quest! They will love that!

    And your keys turned out amazing! I think I'm going to have to add that candy mold to my stash. :)


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